Below is the site layout.  Feel free to browse through out archives and if you feel compelled to add to the praise then fill out the form in the 'Submit a Form' page.  Thanks..
- Cast and Crew   (Bios, Photos, and Q&A)
Movie Summary (from the DVD, from the Movie, and one I generated)
Letters to the Cast and Crew (Letters from fans to demonstrate appreciation)
- How the Movie Has an Impact  (Stories of how the movie has changed lives)
The Founding Goils (7 girls who began the trend)
- Newsy Network  (Map of area fans)
- Area Geography (Find out buroughs of New York, surrounding states, etc)
- Pinpoint Accuracy  (Ever wondered where the famous Duane Street is located?  Find out here.)
- About the Actual Strike
- Suggested books/movies  (Great items relating to the time period)
- Going to New York?  (Gozatabby's guide to a 'totally newsies' vacation)
- Lodging House Founding: A Story  (Story of how the first lodging house began)
- Lodging House Synopsis  (Includes how to join or create your own)
- Lodging House List  (List of Union-affiliated and non-Union lodging houses)
- Find a Nickname  (Orginized site of suggested names)
- Newsy-Nickname Registry  (Claim your name to be original)
- Newsy Drinking Game Explanation
- How to Write Fan-fiction  (Something that is sure to help anyone)
- Fan-fiction Quotes
Note:  This site is not created to serve as a normal newsy-shrine.  It is to celebrate the Newsies' 10th Anniversary; so, I will not be adding fan-fiction, pictures, etc. to this site.  Upon reading this, please do email me to suggest that I do so.  If you want fan-fiction, picture, etc. go to my other site - Gozatabby's Newsies.
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