Welcome to Year 1, Volume 1, Episode I of NEWSBOOBS MAGAZINE! In this issue: Ted Challie has his exclusive interview with Soliel Moon Frye (TV's Punky Brewster!), and Steve Mercedes presents his monthly Entertainment Review (Maid In Manhattan!).  Our man about town, Clayton Connors, brings us a guide to Local Attractions, (baseball style!)  Don't miss this month's edition of The Best of Mark Hayter. (Three Men and a Baby Shower!) And then Bob "Ladies Man" LaChampagne is back with the first Weird But True (Hooters offended!)Then, we dig into the archives and find the ACTUAL conversation which led to the creation of NEWSBOOBS.  Finally, don't forget to check our usual features:  Urban Legend of the Month and Work Email of the Month.
One girl's reaction when I told her I created an online newspaper.
Interview: Soliel Moon Frye
Review: Maid in Manhattan
Local Attractions
Best of Mark Hayter
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Weird But True
Ted and Steve create newsboobs
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Mr. Hayter appears courtesy of The Woodlands Vilager.
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