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March 16, 2006. WOW, over 2 years since the last update. Well, what the hey. Time to rewrite this thinger . . . I should probably put up some notes as far as the campaign stuff I've been working on too. It's good stuff. And then, because there's a new ruleset, and a lot of codices are released, a lot has changed. So much work, so little time. Probably be at least a weee bit before I get back to this page. But I haven't died or anything; I'm just writing it all out before I put it on this page, eh? I'll keep y'all posted.

I'd like to thank everyone that's emailed. Input always welcome.

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Table of Contents

Home Page


Chapter One: Basic Principles

Chapter Two: Strategy, Tactics, and Statistics

Chapter Three: Calculating Basic Cost Effectiveness

Chapter Four: Formation

Chapter Five: Terrain

The Unofficial Warhammer 40,000 Army Cheese Purity Test

Sector Occultus: Background Information

Sector Occultus: Participants

Army Selection (Example: Blood Angels)

Playing the Game/Building an Army: Biel-Tan Craftworld Eldar: Transport Assault

Frequently Asked Questions.

The Mysterious Experiment Page (full of bugs)

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