History of          
New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc.

        New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc., was founded by Stephen Dal Pian in November, 1979, as a Christian, non-profit organization through which he could do the outreach ministries he felt called of God to do.  His interest in helping "the least of these" was broad, so the charter was worded so as to accommodate many areas of ministry.  In the years since its founding, New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc.  has served the community in a wide variety of areas.

       In its early days, New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc. sponsored a series of movies and concerts for the public.  These were intentionally held in a community hall, rather than a church, in an attempt to draw in the unchurched and people of all faiths as well.  The goal was to have people come to a non-threatening place where they could see Christian films and hear concerts by some of the best Christian vocalists in Florida at the time.  The message of Jesus Christ as Lord was always predominant in these programs.

        In the early 1980's, New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc., concentrated its efforts on the establishment of a Christ-centered summer camp and after-school program for elementary age children.  Called Camp Glory, this program featured daily Bible teaching with the aim of not only teaching the children about Jesus, but also reaching their families.  With Camp Glory's success, help was also given to establish similar programs in other local churches.  Camp Glory continues successfully to this day.


        In subsequent years, Steve and his wife worked on the staff of Community Christian School in Port Charlotte, he as P.E. instructor, and she as a fourth grade teacher.  During his time as P.E. teacher, the Charlotte Correctional facility was built.  This was a state prison with 1200 inmates and no chapel.  In 1991, Steve was appointed executive director of the Chapel Fund, a group of concerned Christians trying to raise the money necessary to construct a chapel at the prison.  Because of their success and God's grace, the chapel is now open and being used of God to reach inmates.  Through the 1990's, New Hope has worked to distribute materials to men and women incarcerated in our nation's prisons and jails.     (Click here to see more about Prison Ministry)


       As part of his continued efforts to spread the gospel of Christ, Steve serves on the board of Bread Ministries, Inc., an organization that publishes a Christian magazine called Bread for God's Children, which is distributed throughout the world and in several prisons and jails.    (Click here to read more about Bread for God's Children)

       In 1999, the efforts of the ministry broadened to include seeking to provide reliable transportation for those in need.    (Click here to read more about New Hope Auto)

       As 2001 has arrived, New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc. has found itself instrumental in bringing a Christian center for teenaged girls to the Arcadia area.  Long a goal of the founder of New Hope, the program will bring hope to troubled youth who need help overcoming self-destructive and addictive life choices.  Teen Challenge of Florida, Inc., will operate the facility on land donated by Bread Ministries, Inc.     (Click here to read more about Teen Challenge of Florida)


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