New Hope Auto

A ministry of New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc.

        New Hope Auto was begun in August of 1999 as a means of providing affordable transportation to those with no way to get to jobs, doctor's appointments, and other important events.  This program accepts donated automobiles from the community, then matches automobiles with individuals who have passed an application process and are accepted as potential recipients.

       This program is a hand up, not a hand-out, since it offers individuals an opportunity to improve their lives by making available safe and reliable transportation to work, day care,  and other important functions.   The goal of the program is to help families that are struggling to get by on low wages or surviving on government  assistance to have a chance to become self-sufficient.  Dependable vehicles encourage people to seek and maintain employment, expand educational  opportunities, and become involved in their community instead of being  isolated.
        To date, the number of people seeking vehicles has far surpassed the number of cars donated.  The waiting list is long.  Those individuals who show the most progress towards becoming productive members of society by making and keeping appointments, furthering their education through job training or vocational education, staying free of legal entanglements, putting forth good effort towards getting and maintaining employment, and demonstrating extreme financial need are considered first.  Families with children are given special consideration.

        While New Hope provides these automobiles as a social service in the community, it is always the hope of the board and officers of New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc., that individuals' lives will be changed through spiritual awakening brought about by a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Recipients are offered spiritual counsel and directed to churches in the local community.  As with all programs of New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc., the goal of New Hope Auto is that Jesus Christ will be glorified and people drawn nearer to Him.

 Praise God!  We really needed a car!!!

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