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I now have five Newfoundlands. The first time I saw a Newfie, I was eleven years old. My mom, grandma and I went to a small local dog show. There were only three Newfs competing. After petting those three and talking to their owners, I wanted to get one. My mom and grandma really liked them too. After doing a little research on the breed and deciding that we really did want one, we got one. Newfoundlands are my favorite breed of dog. I love everything about Newfies, especially their gentleness, cuteness, and inteligence.
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Newf, newfie newf.

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Feb. 16, 2006 - More pictures of my dogs have been added (Hope you enjoy them Alex, sorry it took me so long to put more pics up)
Feb. 16, 2006 - My Sweet little Jenna baby passed away on November 14, 2005, her page has finally been updated, so sorry that it took so long
May 13,2005 -I HAVE TWO NEW PUPPIES!!! Their names are Eva and Dancer, check out the my dogs page ^^
Mar. 18,2005 - Happy Easter!!
Feb. 13,2005 - Ginger, my Collie, passed away on February 5th.Her page has been updated with the what happened.
Jan. 3, 2005 - Happy New Year Everybody!!
Nov.29, 2004 - Merry Christmas
Nov.28, 2004 - My little Guinea Pig, Jingles, passed away on Nov. 24, her page has been updated
Nov.9,2004 - Happy Thanksgiving!
Oct.6,2004 - New Abbey pictures added
Sept. 5,2004 - Another Newfie has joined the family!! Her name is Abbey, you can check out her page in the "my dogs" section to learn more about her.
August 9,2004 - My first Newfoundland, Holly, passed away on August 8th. Her page has been updated.
July 22,2004 - Fun with Photoshop added, it's got modified pics of my dogs
May 20,2004 - a few new pictures added to my dogs pages
Feb.17,2004 - One of my dogs, Edie, passed away on February 2, her page has been updated with what happened.

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