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     "Welcome friends, to Onóna Alda, or for those of you unskilled in Quenya, the tongue of the ancient Elven Lords, The Twinborn Tree. My name is Alona St. Twintree, Druid of the Center and, and it is my to duty welcome new visitors and to be your guide. Onóna Alda, as you can see, consists of two massive oak trees growing together, and is the home of quite a prosperous town. We started as a small Woodelf community but have decided to open our doors to visitors of all races, and as you will see, there is quite a variety.

     "At the roots of the trees you will find a marketplace, and I hope we have everything to suit your needs before you pass on through. Careful, the roots can be hard to navigate, for they are very gnarled.

     "Next we have the trunks, which can be accessed either through the Roots or on the outside through a series of stairways and ladders. The trunk boasts an extensive archive and library on all who live here, as well as the homes of almost everyone living here.

     "Lastly we have the branches, which, if you care to venture that far up contains a very impressive messenger and teleportation system run by our resident fae brownies, that can send you anywhere in the world of amtgard and beyond.

     "I must leave you now to tend my duties at the Apothecary and at the Menagrie, enjoy yourselves. Oh, and don't be alarmed by the Elven Scouts if you happen to see one, we must keep our forest safe, and must be on the lookout for invaders, for the world of Amtgard is a dangerous one."

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