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About New Brick City

Here you can get info on me and how New Brick City was created plus also some facts about why I'm here and do what I do.

  • History/Intro- How New Brick and me came to be.

    The beginnings of New Brick using the Wayback Machine web archive. Thanks goes to Paul Gugliotti for linking me to the site.
  • Original New Brick City page- first archived January 5th, 2003
  • Original FDNB page- first archived December 12th, 2002. Evidence says it actually started the middle of November 2002.
  • Original NBPD page- first archived around January 6th, 2003.
  • Original Road/Transit Dept. page- first archived January 6th, 2003.

  • Early MAALFD page- a look at an archive of the MAALFD site at the time I joined (bottom of page).

    This site is currently hosted by Yahoo! Geocities (if you haven't noticed). The layout is my own custom made work. I hate using templates and love to create my own, almost like using LEGOs.

    My building style is somewhat unique, and influenced by many other builders as I acquire shared ideas. I always try to take someone else's great idea and customize it to suit myself and my style. This isn't to say I don't come up with my own ideas; I do. I have seen many other builders using my ideas and techniques as well. I love to see what others can come up with and how they change my ideas to suit themselves.

    Quick Timeline:
  • First was my LEGO fire department (before 2003), my LEGO city came after that (Jan. 2003).
  • My original inspiration for an organized FD and city was Bob Karpowicz who's website led me to the MAALFD.
  • The name New Brick City was chosen because it resembled New York City and was available when I joined the MAALFD. Right after submitting my join request I realized the person running it was also running Brick City. I felt awkward for a few days.
  • First city websites were on under 'LEGO FDNY' and then 'LEGO NYPD' and 'New Brick City'. How I ended up there I don't know. It worked for me.
  • Geocities site started 2 years after on December 22, 2004. I liked it much better.
  • After the MAALFD dissolved into the IALFD, I did not officially join the IALFD but rather stuck around the group to keep up with the guys and provide my ideas. Right now I lurk in the shadows of the LEGO fire webpages and groups.
  • After a vacation from LEGO in 2007/2008, I began to revamp my city including using a scale of 1 stud = 1 foot. Updating the website followed.

  • "Do you have instructions?"- Sorry, I don't usually make instructions.
  • "Do you sell any of your creations?"- Not at this time. I build things for myself to display to the world. Any past creations are recycled to make new ones.

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