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All Things Victoriana

Online Magazines and Resources
  • Victoria Magazine  The most beautiful pictures and very informative articles and projects.

  • Home Arts Great resource for Home and Garden.

Links To Pamper Yourself With
  • Healing Garden A fabulous line of bath products.

  • Clinique The Clinique homepage.Information on bath and body products.

  • Lagniappe Oaks A perfumery homepage. A wonderful variety of signature perfumes.

Auctions and Books
  • E-Bay A wonderful auction site.You'll find almost anything here.

  • Curioscape Here you will be able to bid on wonderful antiques.

  • Amazon Books If it is a book you'll find it here.

  • Advanced Book Exchange Here you can find antique books and out of print books.

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For The Child At Heart
  • Ty And who doesn't know who Ty is?

  • Gund The cutest teddy bears on earth

  • FAO Schwartz A wonderful toystore. I could spend hours looking around

  • Disney Online One of my favorite places to look around. Love that pooh :)


  • Cheshire's Craft & Cuisine  A wonderful site with an entire archive of recipes. An extentensive list of scone recipes.

  • Copy Kat Recipes  You can find many of your favorite resturant recipes. Here "Our secret Recipes" are revealed :)

  • Kindred Spirits Cookbook The Kindred Spirits Listservs cookbook. You will find all of thier favorite recipes.

  • Top Secret Recipes  Here all of your Secret Recipes are revealed. You will find all of your favorite resturant foods here.

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