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  This page is dedicated to all novice and  inexperienced users! I am a
volunteer instructor with over 5 years experience teaching and helping to 
enrich the unique dynamics of animated chat and PC maintaince. Among these 

pages I have peppered the backgrounds with graphics , music and even 2

secret passageways that lead to secrets of the stars.

   I have written an instruction package(PC Tune-up) that will show you
how to keep your PC running in tip-top shape. This will increase faster
and smoother Internet Access. Download it to any directory of your choosing
by right clicking it and then left clicking "save as" or just left click it
to view only.

   Listed below some URLs that will upgrade and add-on, to your version of
MSN Chat, those features that will enhance your chatting pleasure. Features
like extra characters, color and sound wavs to mention but a few. Also, a
link to add the most sought after software on the web to date, ICQ
(a program that will alert you to the presence of your friends anywhere on
the web and chat or transfer files between them}.
   Feel free to E-mail me for any questions about Comic Chat use or its'
configurations. You may click on my address below (next to 1997) to send me
mail immediately or wait for a more convenient time to mail me questions at
[email protected]
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For those of you still wanting to know my age, I've added my photo and I
wont tell you how recent. I'm still not a teen or senior citizen. Click on
"MY YOUNGER DAYS PHOTO" below to view my jpeg file.
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A lot of newbies seem to be confused as to what to do after they click "save as" or "save to disk" in downloads, so here's how!


1- Click and dot the "SAVE TO DISK"then click "OK"

2- Scroll in the "SAVE IN:" bar till you see "C:drive"

3- In the main window of "SAVE AS"scroll to your right till you see "WINDOWS" yellow folder

4- Open "WINDOWS"by double clicking it

5- Double click the "MEDIA"folder

6- Hit the "SAVE"button near the bottom of the "SAVE AS"window.

   This may sound complicated but you will find it easy if you look for the
same words in quotes and WHITE CAPS as are on your download screen.OR you
might want to try  C/NETs' Beginner's guide to downloading

Button image loading Visit this special effects Halloween site that I createdButton image loading

Button image loading For the Romance of Fantasy, check out Techangels' Homepage
Button image loading Before the Virsus Attacks and Losing Access to Windows
Button image loading My very 1st PAID Homepage design for a union
Button image loading Get ICQ to transfer files between friends (recommend ICQ Lite)
Button image loading Update ICQ(current version ICQ Lite)
Button image loading Upgrade Comic Chat version to MSCHAT2.5
Button image loading Learn the controls of Comic CHat 2.5 version
Button image loading One mans' view on treating women chatterers:-)
Button image loading Memorial Site for a loved, lost friend
Button image loading land your own spaceship game
Button image loading My Dads' Values
Button image loading Read my poem

LIVE LONG and PROSPER..................NETWINGS

Get Caught in the vortex of my 2nd page and click the Black Hole [Next Page]

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1997[E-mail gif] [email protected]

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