Suzy's Psychology Pages!

Within these pages, you will find information, other sites, and studies that I am conducting which all revolve around the information that I am learning in my psychology course this year. Currently, there is not a lot of information here, but as I learn more, and finish more studies, I will add to these pages, and hopefully they will become a helpful resource tool for you.


My Psychology Course... Page 1 Find out what I'm studying in psychology right now!
My Psychology Course... Page 2 See what else I'm studying in my psych course!
My Psychology Course... Page 3 See more of what I'm studying in my psych course!
Dream Analysis- Read the paper that I wrote on Dream Analysis!
My Inkblot Test- Tell me what you see in the inkblots!
Inkblot Experiment- Read the paper I wrote about the results of the above inkblot test!

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