Dream Analysis

Dream Number One:

          The first dream that I am going to analyze is a dream that I had a couple months ago. However, I remember it vividly, since it was about "Dirty Dancing," my most favorite movie! As the dream begins, I am in an art museum. The museum has all different types of art there, and almost all of the stuff is for sale. I go into the section of art found in everyday life. There are things like lipstick as art, a shoe as art, a lamp as art, etc. As I'm looking, I suddenly come upon a Dirty Dancing video! However, it isn't in the box of the 1987 release of the movie, or in the box of the newer release. Since the movie is only marked at five dollars, I decide to buy it. When I get home and put the video in my VCR, I discover that it is a new version of Dirty Dancing- staring myself. And that is where I woke up.

          The first piece that I had to look at was the idea of my dream taking place in a museum. The dream dictionary that I used said that dreaming of a museum means that "I will pass through many and varied scenes in striving for what appears to be my rightful position. I will acquire useful knowledge, which will stand me in a better light than if I had pursued the usual course to learning." This could possibly be saying something about my education here at University Lake School. Around the time that I had this dream, I was starting to try and focus in school more and get the best grades possible. This dream could have been saying that I should keep working hard, because all my hard work will eventually pay off.

          The next piece of the idea of dancing. The dream dictionary says that in a dream, dancing indicated feelings of happiness and joy. It is said to predict happy times ahead of me, and carry a sense of victory. This corresponds with the definition for a dream about a museum quite well. If all my hard work in my classes paid off, I would feel a sense of victory, would I not?

         I could not find a definition for dreams about movies anywhere, but I assume that if I had, it would be along the same lines as the definitions for the previous two. I don't usually believe in dreams having meanings, but this one seems like it did.

Dream Number Two:

          My second dream occurred recently. I don't remember much from the dream, but I recall that I was pregnant. I went in to the hospital, and from the time I started having contractions, it was only forty-five minutes until the baby was born. However, the whole dream was very confusing, because I kept asking myself over and over again how I could possibly be pregnant. Eventually, I woke up, and I had to take a peek at my stomach to make sure the dream wasn't real!

          The first thing I looked into was the element of pregnancy itself. I found definitions in three different dream dictionaries. One book stated that if you are unwed and sad in the dream (which I would assume I would be considered, since I was so confused) you will be experiencing losses. Other dictionaries said that dreams of pregnancy generally mean that I could be "pregnant with ideas." It also said that dreams of pregnancy are considered a good omen. However, the final dream dictionary that I looked at said that dreams of pregnancy by a virgin are a bad omen, and that it will bring misfortune. So honestly, I don't know what to believe here. I guess I'd like to think that it is symbolic of being "pregnant with ideas." Since I've started this psychology course, and started thinking about dream analysis, I have had many more new ideas. So technically, this could be the correct answer to my dream.

          Then I looked at the actual birth part of the dream. I believe that the child birth symbolizes new beginnings. If this is true, then I think that the pregnancy either did not symbolize a bad omen, or it signified that the bad omen was leaving my body through the birth.

          I also looked up hospital in the dream dictionary. It states that since I was the patient in the hospital, it means that I am overwhelmed by life and should ask others for help. I suppose this is partly true. After all, the new school year has just started, and I'm still getting into the swing of how things work. This could possibly even mean that the "bad omen" was all of this stress from school, and I was giving birth to this bad omen; making it leave my body.

Dream Number Three:

          I had this dream in either fifth or sixth grade when right before I finally god rid of my security blanket. I was always a little ashamed that I still had my blanket, so I would make sure that no one knew I still kept it. In my dream, I dreamt that I took my blanket with me into my mom's car to go down and get on the school bus, but instead of keeping it in the car, I accidentally brought it with me onto the bus. When I got on the bus, this other kids immediately started making fun of me, and I ended up being teased the entire day at school.

          Firstly, in the definition of what a bus means in a dream, it mentions that it may have something to do with a person's ability to fit in with a group of people. This would make perfect sense, considering that I was embarrassed because I was the only one that still had my security blanket at that point.

          Next, I looked at the significance of the blanket itself. In dreams, blankets can mean comfort, security, and warmth. I believe that this analysis is completely accurate. Children keep blankets because they give them security and comfort. It makes you feel safe and warm inside. That's probably why I kept mine for so long. Both the analysis for the bus and for the blanket seem very believable to me.

Dream Number Four:

          The fourth dream was a reoccurring that Laura Cowan had as a child. She said that in her dream, she would be walking out side, minding her own business. As she would walk by a tree, it would turn into a giant piece of broccoli. The giant piece of broccoli then started chasing her around, and pretty soon, everything around her turned to broccoli too. Just then, she would wake up from the dream.

          Laura told me that she hated broccoli as a child. The dream dictionary states that how you feel about vegetables is significant in what the meaning of the dream is. Since Laura had negative feelings toward broccoli, the dream was probably representing a negative or dull part of her life. Since I don't know what was going on inside Laura's head, I'm not sure if this analysis is accurate or not. However, since Laura had these dreams as a small child, it seems likely to me that her dreams were just confirming her dislike for broccoli, rather than having some deep meaning.

          Laura said that in her dream she was running away from the broccoli. In dreams, running is significant of trying to escape a certain person, situation, or thing. I suppose she could be running from something in her family life, but since the broccoli was chasing her, it is most likely that she was running from her dislike of broccoli.

Dream Number Five:

          The final dream that I analyzed is a dream that my mother had recently. She said that she was walking outside of our house on a beautiful, summer day. Wherever there would normally be grass, the ground was covered with beautiful flowers. However, she then realized that she had never planted the flowers, and she kept thinking, but she couldn't figure out how the flowers got there.

          Flowers are an overall good thing to dream about. Everything that they represent is positive. Most often, they represent beauty, happiness, pleasure, personal contentment and growth, and aliveness. My mother is a generally happy and content person. And it is also fitting that her dreams would show personal beauty, because she recently had some plastic surgery done. This dream description seems to be nothing but correct!

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