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Wednesday, March 15 2006 - Another late update, but better than never. A lot of stuff went on this weekend. Anyway, I started the B's on my NES Profiles section. Next one I think is Blaster Master (awesome game!!) but there could be some in between...can't remember. And, as always, another week of Coach. PS: The Jets really suck.

Tuesday, March 8 2006 - Week 5 of my coach season is up. I'm a little late on the update, but oh well. Nobody will notice anyway. At least I'm having fun. NES Profiles will be updated soon.

Monday, February 27 2006 - Well, I'm already a quarter of the way through my Jets season. It's not turning out like season 2, but it is the Jets. Also, I added a new subsection in my NES section. NES Profiles A-Z is now up and I've already done three games--Abodox, Adventure Island 2, and The Adventures of Bayou Billy. That's the end of the A's and Bad Dudes is next (are you a bad enough dude for it?).

Monday, February 20 2006 - I finally put up another image on Fun with NES Sprites. Nothing too great, just an idea I was toying with before everything was erased. Oh, and another week of TSB Coach.

Monday, February 13 2006 - Week 2 is up. Plus, I corrected an error in my first week. It seems the Jets' free safety is Erik McMillan, not Mark. I don't really know where I got Mark from. Just don't kill me, J-E-T-S fans.

Monday, February 6 2006 - Finally, after a long hiatus, I've updated my site. And look! A new design! Granted, the colors are pretty much the same, but hey, I like green. Other than that, I don't have much else updated. I'm starting another season of TSB Coach Project, this time with the New York Jets. I couldn't finish my Raiders season because I had to wipe my computer clean. Damn Windows. I'm also going to try to get in another entry in Fun with NES Sprites and add some new subsections. Hopefully I can update more frequently now that my scedule is a little better.


The NES Files - Dedicated to the greatest console ever made, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Currently my only subsection is Fun with NES Sprites, but coming soon is profiles on some of the games I've played.

Tecmo Super Bowl - This game is so good, it gets it's own section. Currently featuring TSB Coach Project, but I plan to put personal records and other projects here too.

Links - If you like this site, here are some sites you should check out.

And as always, feel free to email me at [email protected] for whatever reason. Even if you just need to say something random in someone's inbox. Of course I probably won't respond to something like that, but I will answer any comments, questions, or gripes about this site or myself.

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