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Tecmo Super Bowl

Tecmo is arguably the best game on the NES. I might go as far as to say that it's greatest sports game ever made. Either way, TSB will always be one of my favorites. Whether it's playing head-to-head with a friend, or finding new ways to play against the computer, this game has infinite replay value. You can't say that about about any Madden game.

Player Profile

Favorite team: Los Angeles Raiders
Favorite Player: Bo Jackson (who else?)
Favorite Defender: David Fulcher
Favorite Play: Pro T Sweep R (money, baby!)
Offensive Tendancies: Run to set up the pass
Defensive Tendancies: Grab a safety, drop back
Tecmo Catchphrase:  "Damn you, Rodney Peete!"
Arch-Rival: Drew Hill

TSB Coach Project - Have you ever wanted to put a whole seaason of your favorite football game onto a website? How about several? How about in "Coach Mode"? No? Anyone?

Presonal Stats and Records - Coming soon!

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