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    NESTA�S phenomenal success in the field of business is, perhaps, something that Capize�os would continue to marvel about. After 26 years of existence, the name NESTA�S has become synonymous with dependability, reliability and respectability.

    NESTA�S impressive rise in Capiz as a leader in hotel and restaurant business is a result of the owners� hard work and dedication to their craft � a product of their �sweat, blood and tears.�

     Among others, NESTA'S Digital Photo Center pioneered the one-hour photo processing in Roxas City and has now introduced digital photo printing, which is the first and only in Capiz.

   NESTA'S Bakeshop has brought the hot and famous "Pan de Suelo" in town.

   NESTA'S Big Graphix is the first large format digital printer that can print poster size to billboard.

   Powered by a highly-motivated entrepreneurial spirit, NESTA�S has set the pace for excellent service and continues to engage in innovations that guarantee total customer satisfaction.






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