A Toast to NESTA’S 24 Years of Service  

NESTA’S phenomenal success in the field of business is, perhaps, something that the future generations of Capizenos would continue to marvel about. After 24years of existence, the name NESTA’S has become synonymous with dependability, reliability and respectability.

NESTA’S meteoric rise in Capiz as a leader in hotel and restaurant business is a result of the owners’ hard work and dedication to their craft — a product of their “sweat, blood and tears.”

In fact, it can be well said that NESTA’S achieved its present status with “one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”

By keenly studying the market, innovating and striving for excellence, NESTA’S has shown how to excel in a highly competitive environment. Working for their clients and organizations, they have been successful in establishing market presence and high customer confidence, which in turn benefited consumers in terms of high product quality.

NESTA’S efforts had paid off as shown by the numerous merits and awards it had received. Among these is the Outstanding Entrepreneur in Capiz Award given during Roxas City’s 50 th anniversary celebration as a chartered city on May 12, 2001.

Starting in 1962 as “Everybody’s Inn”, an eatery, beside the historic Capiz High School, would remind students of those days of ”wet-wet”(ginatan) which was and still is a favorite snack/dessert. Later, known as NESTA’S Food Center in the same location started the now famous homemade caramel cake in 1981.

Then the rest was history …..

First expansion was NESTA’S Food Center located at the ground floor of Albar’s residence on Magallanes St. in Roxas City. The center, with its irresistible “lomi” (lomein soup) as its specialty, opened on July 6, 1981. Since 1992, the food center has achieved a building of its own, in the heart of the city just beside the Philippine National Bank, also on Magallanes St., and a stone’s throw away from the Provincial Capitol. Now known for its all-in-one stop – restaurant, fast food, water, photo center and bakery with it’s irresistibly fresh baked “pandesal” (bread) and lomi that goes with it…Yummy!

NESTA’S, however, achieved its mark in the hotel and restaurant business upon its return to its original location by building the NESTA’S Ice Cream House beside the Capiz National High School in 1988. Then the place was converted to NESTA’S Restaurant & Hilltop Hotel in 2001. With its hilly location, it’s ideal for weddings, seminars and conferences.

Since then, the hotel and restaurant business in Capiz has never been the same.

NESTA’S also pioneered a modern photo developing center located first in Magallanes St. and then another branch opened at Fuentes Drive, Roxas City in 1987. In May 2003, NESTA’S embarked on a digital photo processing, which is a first in Capiz.

Right now, the business has expanded to include selling purified water through the NECIE’S Water Stations at Fuentes Drive and Magallanes Street.

Powered by a highly-motivated entrepreneurial spirit, NESTA’S has set the pace for excellent service and continues to engage in innovations that guarantee total customer satisfaction. This could be its “secret” for having endured the test of time and the challenges of competition.

With all the success they reap in their laurels. They continue to serve Capizenos by threading and expanding new paths, the latest of which is the extension of their restaurant and photo developing businesses in Gaisano Arcade, Arnaldo Blvd. — Roxas City’s emerging business hub which opened in June 2005.

All of these further enhance the blooming business climate in Capiz through God’s unending blessings and graces, NESTA’S will always serve everyday clients and guests in their own heartwarming Capizeno way..

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