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Updates are done within three days of receipt. If, after three days you find you are still not updated, please contact [email protected] and please include all info needing to be updated. If you have newly generated a character and it has not been posted within three days, please send in all info asked for on the generator to [email protected] and it will be posted asap.

What is Nessus? The center of everything surrounded by nothing. Once the staging point for an attempted conquest of the universe, this fortress has become a haven for individuals searching for one of the five F's.

The first F is Fortune. Mercenaries flock from the furthest corners of the universe to this place seeking rumors of mighty artifacts and the locations of legendary hoards. Of course treasures such as these are rarely left unguarded. Extra muscle is in abundance here. A few greedy companions shouldn't be hard to find.

The second F is Fame. While an individual might become a local hero or villian on his homeworld, most people realize that local or even world wide reputations don't mean jack in the grand scope of things. Big fish in little ponds often require new challenges if they wish to grow. There is no ocean more vast than the universe. Here there is no limit to how large a fish can become.

The third F is Freedom. Nessus does not concern itself with the laws of outer worlds. It does not embrace moral codes or help capture the criminals which claim refuge within its walls. If an individual can control himself while in the fortress, he will find that there is no better base of operations for the misdeeds he commits against other places.

The fourth F is a Fresh start. In Nessus backgrounds ae irrellevant. An individual fleeing his past will find no better place. Mercenaries are just nameless faceless employees to those that hire them. Companions are unlikely to care what a person has done in his lifetime. The present and future are all that matter. If he can swing a sword, cast a spell, or just act as a human shield, the fortress and its residents will embrace him as an asset.

The last F is Fate. Chance has a funny way of guiding the most unlikely of adventurers into harms way. Some mercenaries just end up in the fortress by accident. In the beginning they might not care for the other four F's but sooner or later one or all of them usually becomes appealling.

Nessus is widely known throughout the universe as the prime location for hired help. Employers come with widely varying ethics and agendas. If mercs do not share the fortress' moral apathy they must be careful which jobs they participate in.

A Merc might be hired to protect a righteous king or slay that righteous king. He might be hired to stop a treacherous villian or help that treacherous villian achieve his goals. He might be hired to escort a merchants shipment or hijack that merchants shipment.

Many employers will be straight forward with what they want done. However, sometimes missions will not turn out to be as black and white as described. Individuals unwilling to complete a mission will almost certianly not be payed. They might even find themselves fighting off their companions if morality threatens the entire parties meal ticket.

That's the life of a mercenary, often dangerous, sometimes profitable, rarely boring. Welcome to Nessus.

�2000-2001 Joe Pombo

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