Never so Good
Welcome to this complete mess of a site, it looked better on paper honest!!! but I couldn't afford the money for a site Jiiiiimmmm!!!!
So instead this is what you have got so tough!!!!

This page is "designed" to be a short overview of the fifties and but mainly the sixties.

And if I ever manage to get the thing running you can see it for yourself. And all the titles are missing on the pages so you can do a guessing game on what each page is!!!!!!
films of the era heres a groovy little selection sorry that all the html effects have been destroyed in the editing process
Mods and hippies what ever next??? well in my oppinion very little!!!
Quick music overview, Elvis,Beatles etc
And an overview of television from the sixties
For a better run down on the items on this site click the picture of the cheesy fifties guy above!!!!
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