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  1. First, you will be assigned to teams of 4 students.  Open up the rubric and read through it as a team.  

  2. Second, you must choose a role from the table below. 


    Preferred Activity


    Water Sports (especially swimming and fishing)



    Five-Year Old Brother


    Third Grade Student



  3. Once you've picked a role to play, print a copy of the Notes/Activities Sheet.  Use this sheet to list the activities available in each of South Carolina's regions for your category.  Keep in mind the guiding question for this web study:  How do the geography and resources of South Carolina affect choices people make?  Specifically, you will answer this question:  Which regions of South Carolina will you visit with your family while taking a summer vacation and what will you do in each region?

  4. Use the resources below to do your research.  You can also refer to the chapters in your textbook listed below the table.
    Activity Web Resources

    Maps of South Carolina

    Official Tourism Website of South Carolina

    Tourism in South Carolina

    SC Heritage Corridor

    SC Cities


    SC Forests


    Camping and Hiking


    Water Sports

    South Carolina Marinas

    SC Canoeing



    Rivers, Creeks, Waterfalls, Rafting

    SC Department of Natural Resources


    South Carolina Aquariums and Zoos

    Alligator Adventure

    Edisto Island Serpentarium

    Greenville Zoo

    Hollywild Animal Park

    Ripley's Aquarium

    Riverbanks Zoo

    SC Aquarium

    Waccatee Zoological Farm


    South Carolina Historic Sites

    SC Historic Churches and Cemeteries

    SC Historic Houses

    SC Sightseeing Tours

    SC Museums

    SC Heritage Corridor

    SC State Museum

    SC Confederate Relic Room and Museum

    Patriot's Point Naval and Maritime Museum

    SC State History



    At Home in South Carolina
     Chapter 4  The Low Country
     Chapter 5  The Up Country
     Chapter 6  The Midlands
     Chapter 16 Water Resources
     Chapter 17 Land Resources
     Chapter 18 Human Resources


    Other Resources

    You can interview teachers and peers to see what they have done in our state.


  1. When you think you have enough activities listed on your sheet, ask yourself these questions:

    A.  Do you have enough information on the places to visit in each region?
    B.  Do you understand enough about each place?
    C.  Do you need to do more research to find more activities for one region?
    D.  Do you have any information you need to throw out?

    Once you have answered these questions and made changes to your sheet, look again at the rubric to see if you have done everything.  Then, bring the sheet to your teacher. Your teacher may have more ideas.

  2. Once everyone on your team has finished collecting information for his/her assigned role, get with your group to complete the Decision Making Sheet. This is where you will:
    A.  Share what you learned with your group.
    B.  Decide as a group what activities your vacation will include for each region.  
         Remember that you have 10 days for your vacation.

  3. Once you have worked as a group to decide what you will do in each region, look at the rubric to see how your team is working so far.  Then, bring your Decision Making Sheet to your teacher.  Your teacher may have more ideas.  

  4. Now that your have done your research and made your decisions, it is time to create a brochure to persuade your parents to take this trip.  You will use a template that you will edit in Microsoft Publisher.  Please select the brochure template for your computer.  You may need to ask your teacher which one to use.  
            Microsoft 97 Brochure
            Microsoft 2000 Brochure

    You will want to use pictures for your brochure.  You may need to go back to the research links in the table in step 4 to look for pictures.  When you find a picture you want to use, follow these steps:
    A.  In Microsoft Publisher, select the box that says "Put PHOTO here!"
    B.  In Microsoft Explorer, right click on the picture you want to use.
    C.  Select Copy from the menu that pops up.
    D.  Go back to Microsoft Publisher and paste the picture into the box by right-clicking on top of the highlighted box.
    E.  Select Paste from the menu that pops up.
    F.  You can resize the picture with your left mouse button so it fits in the box.

    You will also need to give credit to the Internet site where you copied the picture from.  To do this, follow these steps.

    A.  In Microsoft Explorer, right click on the URL address at the top of the window. 
    B   Right mouse click on this address.  
    C.  Select Copy from the menu that pops up.
    D.  Go back to Microsoft Publisher and paste the URL into the box that says Photo Credits:  by right-clicking under the picture.  
    E.  Select Paste from the menu that pops up.


  1. Before you turn your brochure in to your teacher, take one more look at the rubric to see if your team did everything you were supposed to do.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the WebQuest "South Carolina Summer Vacation."  


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