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Your task is to plan a car trip around South Carolina that includes a visit to all three regions: the Low Country, the Up Country, and the Midlands.  This trip will last ten days.  It is your job to research the regions of South Carolina to decide which regions offer activities suited for your family.  In order for everyone to enjoy the family vacation, you need to include some activities for everyone's interests.

What would be the most interesting places in South Carolina for your family to visit?  Will there be activities for all family members to enjoy at each stop?  Is that possible?

During this project, you will learn how the geography and resources of South Carolina's regions help make certain activities possible, but others not.

You'll need to share information with your family in order to persuade them that the family vacation you planned is a great idea. Your team must decide which places in each region are best for your family to visit and then create a persuasive brochure in order to really make your family want to go. 

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