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This section contains some of the proyects I did at Uni mainly and that I believe are of good quality to be shared. Each one has its own link and a short sinopsis, including what software or plugins might be needed to run it. I have worked on several projects since I graduated for the company I worked for. If you are interested in those please check my resumé online.

Note: ALL projects are my intellectual property. Though I share my source code with you, please be sure to acknowledge my work if you use it or take anything from it.

Web Portfolio

Foreign Exchange Students Portal
Web portal to inform foreign students on how to apply for foreign exchange or study abroad programs at my Uni, ITESM-CEM. This site was developed and translated to both languages by me as part of my Social Service. It has not been under my administration since 2003.

Just Jerseys
Web portal for a ficticious e-Commerce portal for the company Just Jerseys which specialises in selling sport jerseys. Do not shop at the store as it is only a demonstration of e-Commerce functionality integrated into a simple web site.

Proposal for a Virtual Community
Proposal for a Virtual Community to cater to the needs of the medical community. The proposal can be seen in text fashion or in its Flash version.

Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
Web portal that explains the different types of manufacturing processes. The pages are in Spanish.

NB WtA ST Team Webpage
Web portal for the WtA ST Team while I was Head of that Team. This team gave service to over 500 users from all corners of the world in a RPG chat game based on White Wolf's "Werewolf: The Apocalypse". It's my creation for coordinating the efforts of ST volunteers that were under my command.


Alpha Mix of Two Images
This is a series of programs written in C and Assembly Language for Intel x86 that takes two images and combines them with certain alpha fade percentage. To run and install you need Linux, NASM and GCC plus your favourite zip program.

Sabotaje (DOS Version)
A game based on "Stratego". It was programmed in Java based on CORBA and RMI. You must have JDK and MySQL installed to install and run it as well as your favourite zip program.

Simple DNS
A simple DNS programmed in C. Runs on Unix based OS. Comments are in Spanish.


Drive Partitioner Simulator & OS Selector (Java Applet)
This is a simple simulator of how a FAT table is written on a disk, how a drive can be partitioned and how to select a proper Windows OS depending on the qualities of the hard drive. Your web browser must be able to run applets (Java VM) and Flash animations.

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