Rodolfo Quijano's Hobbies

I have various hobbies that I try to indulge in when work gives me enough time to do so. I enjoy doing a lot of things on my computer like design webpages, chat, play online games, program and learn. More specifically my biggest hobbies are:

I am a huge fan of football. I love to watch it, play it, read/talk about it and even participate in online simulations of it. My favourite team at home is the Cruz Azul, 8 time champion of the Mexican league, ex CONCACAF champions, the last of the Mexican Cup champions and the only Mexican team to make it to the final of the Copa Libertadores (South America's Champion's League). You can visit their homepage at . I'm also a fan of the Real Madrid, the Juventus and River Plate.

I have played amateur football but I haven't done any real playing since the end of high school. I do play at Hattrick. My team is Real Azuleiro and is currently fighting for promotion from the 2nd division in the Mexican League. You can find its homepage here: Real Azuleiro.

Learning Languages
I love to learn new things and one thing I love to learn more are new languages. I took up French while young and later started doing some Japanese. I'm currently trying to study Portuguese.

Playing Role Playing Games
I enjoy playing role playing games since a friend of mine introduced me into White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade. I enjoy playing Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension the most. I used to play with my friends but since about a long time ago I've resorted to playing online only at WhiteWolf's site and at City of Shadows. Soon, I will upload some information on my characters, past and present.

Student Associations
I was a member of two student associations during my time at Uni, though one of them has expanded to cover more of the city. I joined them to try and learn new things and I have but I have also made many great friends. Many of my best friends come from them and I keep in touch with them to try and help them out.

I was a member of the Fundación de Ciencias Computacionales (FCC) one of the oldest student organisations at the ITESM-CEM. I was the Human Resources manager for my last semesters at Uni and in the past also was the Director of Marketing and teacher of the Basic HTML course.

I also joined up with AIESEC International as a Marketing member. It was my responsibility to try to have success in offering people outside of Mexico the opportunity to come learn from our history and culture while offering them a chance to contribute to our companies.

I used to enjoy staying home but since I was able to travel on my own, I've taken up traveling itself as one of my most pleasurable hobbies. I have had the luck of visiting many places here in Mexico as well as some in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. I'm anxious to visit Brazil and Europe and I hope to make it there in time.

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