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Experience two days of rat craziness!!
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North East RatFest 2009

Summer 2009, July 18-19
Held in Gales Ferry, CT
Co-hosted by Cathy and Jessica

E-mail Cathy to RSVP and to tell what food item you are bringing!

Check what everyone else is bringing for the pot luck on the What To Bring page!

RatFest is a rat-free event started by Bella and the Florida Rat List in 2000. It is a get-together for rat lovers to meet one another and bask in total rattieness for two days. RatFest is not affiliated with any specific rat club or organization.

RatFest is an alcohol and drug free event. Saturday's activities are for those 12 and over, children are welcome on Sunday.

RatFest includes activities such as raffles, a rat photo contest, rat storytelling, a Yankee Swap gift exchange, rat games, rat crafts, educational demos, etc...

A celebration of totally obsessive rattieness where you can meet, share advice, and have fun with lots of other people who understand the obsession we all have for those adorable furry creatures with the pink tails.

Contact Cathy for more information about the North East RatFest.

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