Neptuneboy.com provides a brief introduction to various metaphysical & behavioral
philosophies with the intent of inspiring further exploration.

New Moon: March 29

Full Moon: April 13

the Tree of Life: At the core of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah is the Tree of Life. This ancient study was once considered so mysterious that only married men over forty were allowed to study its teachings.

Mysteries of the Tarot: The Tarot is a tool for exploring the subconscious and tapping into the intuition. Unravel the mysteries of the 78 cards and learn how to give your very own Tarot reading.

Numerology: For over 2,500 years, the science of numerology has helped increase spiritual awareness by providing meaning to the names and numbers in our lives.

Astrology of Neptune: The planet Neptune represents dreams, illusion, and the mystical. Its location in your birth chart reveals your inspiration and where your perception may be distorted by illusion.

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