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The Final Harvest Brainstorm.

Black Death.


Hidden was a journey with results.

Behold, thy majesty.

A fucking stupid story about shit, gods, the Devil and other nonsense.

A Boy

A harvest oddysee to Lady Shara.

A man killed his clone, and his wife was murdered .

Drink my black juice.

Look, search and trancend to become a special slave.

My mirror image decided to merge.

The laws you obey.


Fools, who want to be like me, require laws.

Outside .

Words, I said so.

They came.

Death Dream.

Feast like a Curse.

My symbology.

The Dragon.

The Ultimate Payment.

World Abominating Dreams.

Poems made by Anita.

The Mirror calls.

The Triple God.


Luciferian Light.

In Darkness I am bleeding, the sacrifice.  

My tombstone lies broken.

Poetry by Kai.

Poetry by Morte Sinesteria.

Nightmare Gods Brainstorm.

Poetry by Steve.

Unending Life.

Empty Like The Dead.

Grim and Dark.


Living things are my playthings.
Satanic Baptism Ritual.

Beltane: the Satanic Walpurgisnight ritual.

Ostara: the Spring Equinox ritual.

Mabon: the autumn equinoxx ritual.

Extatic-orgiastic Satanic ritual for the Chtonic Gods and the tormented rebellious spirits of Sodom.(WARNING!explicit text)


Ritual documents and results from the Nightmare Blood:

Invoke the God of Horror: use this text in an invocation.

The Contract of the Ultimate and Timeless Nightmare.

The mirrored existance of the Nightmare Undead.

The Undimensions and Gates of the Apocalyptic Nightmare Era.

The AWE-full communion hierarchy of the Nightmare Undead.

Invoking the Nightmare Undead.

MORAL SHIT(largely off topic!):

Evil for the Nightmare Vampire is Thyself.

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Morals 1

Morals 2

Morals 3
  Smell your fingers!

Pictures of obscure dreamlike nether-realities:

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Nether 1

Nether 2

Nether 3

Nether 4

Nether 5

Nether 6

Nether 7

Nether 8

Drawings by Anita.

Drawings by Morte Sinesteria.


Listen to the music and drink the ceremonial wailing.

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Invocation of Deamons.

"Any music for this time in history should be threatening."
- Osama Bin Ladin, patron
Xtinction.MP3 (EVIL ACTIVITIES) Loudspeakers to the max --fer this one!!!
A succubus in rapture.MP3 (DIMMU BORGIR)



  Necromance: Images of death.

Plagued Soul.(Twisted poetry of a dark nature, from a kind person.)

Dark Side of the Net.(All the dark links u will need)

Free Online Horror movies.

Slash:the Vampire Hunter(Is this guy serious?FUNNY)

Pathway to Darkness.
The internet
Wanna buy fangs?
Dear Vampire(very nice gothic vampire fiction in letter format)
The Dark Quatrains(Occult Sickness always survives, the Demon smile=covered in red human blood!)

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