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The Nepal-Visit-Homepage is a German-Nepalese co-production. It shows a very personal view on this wonderful country "somewhere" in the Himalayas. For the third time we came to visit Nepal between December 25th 1999 and January 15th 2000. Some of the following pages show stations of our three-weeks-stay over there. It's just an excerpt of the whole thing. Our friend Bikash Bajracharya built up the homepage for us. We have to thank him for this a lot.

  1. A journey through Nepal (picture-guided report)
  2. A journey through Nepal on 2001/2002 (some pictures)
  3. Two Accesses to a Fascinating Country (a personal view on Nepal written for the German-Nepalese Help Association - GNHA) English Version | German Version
  4. Links on Nepal and More
  5. For comments and / or suggestion

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