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Here are my pets:
This is my siamese cat SASSY. In this picture, she is sitting on the can in the morning! She's a mama's girl. Her nick name is "No no".
That is Oliver, our domestic cat. She was nicked named "Olly". When you see her creeping around every corner, racing for the door when she's under the bed she appears solid black but she isn't. Besides having alittle brown or grey she has a white spot under her right front paw. This cat's personality is "LEAVE ME ALONE"
This is one of my 2 sugar gliders. This one is Sugar. She is extremely sweet. She doesn't crab as much as my other one. She is really tame and loves yogurt. UPDATE: Sept. 2001 to June 14, 2003. Sugar died of an unknown cause in my hands. Her 2 baby boys are in the care of the people we bought her from and Bandit was sold to them for a happier home. We love and miss her!
Here is my male sugar glider. His name is Bandit. He loves rolling in his hamster ball. He's really crabby. UPDATE: He has a home with the people we bought him from. He's caring for the baby boys and is with a great family and other gliders.
This is my darling dachound Brownie. He loves to play!!!!!!!!!!! His favourite thing to do is run, rollover for a tummy rub and be with me. Brownie loves company as much as food. He always wants to be the center of attention.
This is sweet, lovable, playful, and cute little Joseph. He loves to play around and get into trouble. He also likes to have people read to him and sleep by them. His nickname is Trouble or TR! Joey (Below) got his head stuck in a Dr. Pepper box! Hee Hee!
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Oh my!
Now look at this new recrute! He's Lil' B. He is named after Brownie. Long story... Anyway his is sooooo SWEET but is a big pain dispite his size! Lil' B is a long haird dachund that was our favorite out of all the puppies! He has many nick-names.
ANOTHER DOG! Yep, this is BJ, the youngest of the Family! He's quite shy around people but perky around the other dogs! His B-Day is 5-19-02.
This is my new hamster, Sandy! She is VERY sweet and hardly ever bites! I got here on March 23, 2003. I luv her so!
I have another hamster! Her name is Amber but I have no current picture but she is simular to Sandy!
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