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Welcome! This is my homepage. Above are my own creations; a firelizard, ball and Hamp. The firelizard's name is Stealth and the Hamp is Bem. You can adopt a firelizard at Ziemur. The link is in pink on  the right side of the page. There are alot of creatures you can adopt. Have a nice stay....
My V Pets
Pet Pictures
Adopt at Ziemur
I got some backgrounds from
SweetWater Valley!
This sweet dog was  was given to me by a friend for my b-day. Her name is Bella, after her creater.
If you want to create a blinkie like the one above, (the one that flashes Laura) go to Dizzy's Cafe.
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Your Sango! When your not on the field training or
doing sports you are shy and quiet, you do your
homework and always turn it in on time, yet you
are always looking for a bit more from life.

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