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Helping Hand

I am desirous to speak, and afraid to speak at the same time. The dilemma is compounded by the fact that I do not fully understand you. In an attempt to lighten your stress and sorrow, in an attempt to share your grief and dejection my words are surely inadequate. And moreover, there is always that chance of being misunderstood, for the emotions cannot be expressed even in a 'pageful' of words.

I am in search of a medium, a soothing balm, that would comfort you; for in your comfort lies my peace. The distance that separates us does not allow me to take help of the most appropriate measure: of tender touch that soothes all tension from the high strung nerves, scattered into disarray like the tower. The job of repair is indeed difficult, for the scars would always remain howsoever expert a physician I might be.

Therefore, I take recourse and refuge in the name of God that unites us in essence, and does not allow us to be inert and inactive. He guides us to speak a word of consolation, He guides us to extend the hand in support, and He guides us to pray in silence. He chooses His instruments to express what is all that is generous, gentle, gracious, compassionate, blissful, and divine.

The Self Survives

All is never lost; howsoever catastrophic the loss might appear, for whatever is destroyed or gone or taken away always leaves behind your Self. The principle, the truth, the reality, or the existence that makes you aware of the loss is your real nature: Consciousness. And to that Consciousness you should appeal for regeneration and strength, hope and vitality, for, that Consciousness is all pervasive, omniscient, and omnipotent. That is the inner Light in all beings, both sentient and insentient. Mind is the instrument through which that Light percolates and makes the world cognizable. Through that Light the book of life is read from moment to moment. Under that Light many or most of us read elevating scriptures, but a few forge documents! This we call tragedy.

The nature of Consciousness is Absolute Truth, Existence and Bliss, and its expression is eternal peace, beauty, ethics, and morality. You are that Absolute Consciousness, as is everyone else. Reflecting this way on your true nature you get comforted and become strong without external help (although I do not deny the necessity of external help). The strength is not outside; it is your nature, it is perfection within you. Struggle to manifest this inner divine perfection and new life would spring from the rudiments of destruction and damage.

Hence never feel lonely, say: My Consciousness is with me. This way darkness of helplessness would give way to flicker of hope and strength. Catch hold of it and tread your path in that faint flickering light and you are sure to make to the end of the tunnel; nay, even beyond it, into the abode of ever-existent Light of Truth.
c s shah
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