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Progress in science and technology has endowed the mankind with tremendous power. We have become storehouse of overflowing energy which we do not know how and where to utilize. This energy which men and women feel within themselves must have an outlet. If we do not employ the energies in attempting to realize spiritual heights, the same energy will play havoc on the material and mental plane.

Due to inexplicable reasons, this energy is stored in the form of weapons of mass destruction! At individual level, it finds expression in rampant self-defeating consumerism. We do not feel anything odd in building a golden mansion amidst the slum all around!

This state of affair is due to our ignorance about the origin of values. We mistakenly believe that scientific progress will automatically instill value-system in our heart. We feel that values are generated like other commodities in factories sprung out of technological advances.

However, recently some of the evolutionary biologists have concluded that the human genetic system makes the human being basically selfish. This has created a deep misgiving about the claim of science to bring altruism and generosity in the human heart. Selfishness was essential for the survival of human race in the evolutionary process, but, now, this very selfishness, if not sublimated to higher value-orientation, is likely to lead to the downfall and annihilation of human race.

These scientists advocate 'conscious and deliberate' efforts to develop values of altruism, generosity, love, and selflessness for the individual and collective welfare. "The evolution instead of remaining organic has become psycho-social", and, "man himself has now become the 'Trusty' of future evolutionary trends".

The important question comes to surface: 'What is the source of these values?' Where to look for them?
Values do not originate from the brain-mind complex, the science, or the nature. They are derived from our inner Self: The Atman. In the Vedantic conception of Atman lies the solution of overcoming the aggressiveness of present day materialistic individualism in favour of unlimited bliss of the mystic universalism.

Because of inadequate development of scientific reason this fact of 'divinity of every soul' was not available for or understood by the masses. The recent progress in science and intellect, however, has created necessary conditions where this ancient truth can be made and should be made 'broadcast'. The whole humanity will benefit from this teachings of Upanishads. The time has come and the age of post modernism demands addition of such study of new 'dimension of spirituality' to the limited definition of science.
I am influenced by the manifestation of divine consciousness in the life of Sri Ramakrishna. His disciples including Ma Saradadevi and Swami Vivekananda expressed spiritual values in their lives. I, therefore, decided to write about the life and message of this Holy Trio. I stay in India, near Bombay. I request the readers to tell about this site to at least one of his/her friend/relative and thus help me reach more people.
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