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Updated by Dr C S Shah's son on 13 Apr 05:

Regret to inform you that father passed away on 24th Apr 2004 leaving his fond memories behind.

I will be launching which will be a new version of this site as a tribute to my late father. I expect the redesign to be finished by late May or June 05. No content will be changed or added. The same articles will be presented in a better and organised way. Any ideas regarding this are most welcome.

I deeply appreciate the emails all visitors have sent condoling the death of my father. I acknowledge your support. Thank you.

Kindly send all communication to [email protected]

Thank you.

Greetings and Welcome
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Contrasting Styles

Have you noticed the flaw
in that Buddha's sculpture?
It smiles in meditative pose, but
reflects: 'why does world suffer?'

The wise man pats me on the back
and says: 'It's no fault, my dear,
when a thought finds its answer
it turns into a smiling demeanour'.

The New Article: God Realization - Not Just Sermonizing - by Sushil Kumar Vasudeva is analytical and relevant; for it tries to emphasize the truth and necessity of realizing our true divine nature.

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c s shah - India
Sri Ramakrishna
"To explain God after merely reading the scriptures is like explaining a city after seeing it on a map. A meteorological report may forecast heavy rainfall, but you cannot squeeze a single drop from the paper on which the report is written. So also many good sayings are found in holy books, but merely reading them won't make you spiritually wise. Practicing the wisdom contained therein will."
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