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In physiology we study cardiac cycle. It can be described as 'alternate contraction and relaxation of heart chambers. During the phase of contraction blood is emptied in to the circulation to nourish the tissues of the body. After this the heart relaxes and during this state there is stillness of activity. The heart is in a state of equilibrium. The next phase of the cycle in the form of contraction begins; the equilibrium is disturbed and is followed by repeat phase of relaxation.

A cycle gives us freedom to start our study at any event occurring therein. Secondly, it presupposes continuity and accepts all the events as necessary, existent, and inter-linked. One may start one's study from any point/event in the cycle and come back to the same point or event. The results obtained and explanations offered will be the same whether we start from first or second, or any other phase.

Cosmic cycle also can be studied in a similar fashion. It has a state of equilibrium for 'a' period of time followed by state of activity for 'b' time period. Phase 'a' is inherent in 'b' and vice versa.

The Primordial Vastness in the form of Infinite Consciousness may be our starting point. Or we may begin our study at the intermediary level of human evolutionary phase. Pre-human, Human, and post-human stages are necessary events in the cosmic cycle. Human being is a passing point on the circumference of this circle, much the same way the 'primordial big-bang' was, and the 'final collapse' will be. Whether scientists start their study from a 'pre-bang' event or a 'post-bang' outcome they will have to accept the state of equilibrium in between.

Such a phase of equilibrium may be called as 'Non-Modified Universal Consciousness'. Its nature is such that it produces its own modifications from One Substance, from itself and within itself just as a fruit is formed from the same substance, from itself and within itself. We cannot reject anything (shell, seeds, or the pulp); otherwise it will be a partial or incomplete study. At the same time, individually or separately all the three structures can be studied and elaborated upon as far as their peculiarities go.

However, no single state of change, either of activity or equilibrium, is of any advance over the other. Isolated phases of a cycle may be studied to understand the links and inter-relations between various states, but the whole cycle is to be considered as essential if we have to find a meaning or a purpose in it.

Most of the scientific work is undertaken to study how the cycle functions or comes to an end. The question, however, we should put is not only 'how' a particular cycle works but also, more importantly, 'why' does it function so.

What could be the purpose of cosmic cycle? What could be the purpose of cardiac cycle? Is there any? Yes, the purpose is to bring the individual soul nearer and nearer to its true nature so that it experiences unified existence, consciousness, and bliss.

The primordial cycle of nature with formation of the sun and the moon, the stars and the nebulae, gravity and radiation, atoms and sub-atoms, mountains and rivers, plants and animals, finds its culmination of purpose in evolving a form which would experience and reflect the original state of equilibrium. A human form closely approximates and fulfils the criteria where this is possible. However, it is possible only with intense efforts. It is possible with proper evolution of brain and nervous system that can create conditions in the form of mind, which would reflect the universal consciousness in its glorious phase of non-modified equilibrium.

For evolution of such a nervous system the cardiac cycle functions. It nourishes and keeps the brain alive and healthy so that the attempts at perfection may be undertaken. Hence the cycle goes on and on, and will go on eternally as fresh forms will continue to emerge that are to be perfected afresh time after time. The heart beats and cosmic cycle continues so that the aim of reaching the state of equilibrium is fulfilled.
C S Shah
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