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Difficult indeed it must have been for you to express your compassion, for the field of your concern was truly vast: the whole universe! The thought required a symbol of the highest magnitude, for you wanted to express the totality. The manifestation of beauty and compassion, grandeur and grace would require unique symbol, and the Himalayas fulfilled all the criteria as one monolith. The first expression of formless into form - a contradiction in terminology though - must have all the ingredients to satisfy every seeker after the Truth from one age to every age, to Eternity.

I have seen you there in the Himalayas, flowing as the relentless compassion in the form of the Ganges and the Yamuna. You stood high touching the sky and making yourself visible in the beauty of snow and greenery. With your influence I too was elevated to your heights, about to be lost in your essence when you gave me primal words to pray, the Upanishads and the Vedas. O Almighty, I bow down to you in the blissful grandeur of your compassion. Nature and you tried to become two, diverse in unity; an amalgam of formless and form. I found you caressing the human souls as your own children, patting and pacifying them in their attempts to realize your true nature. You granted fearlessness to the terror-stricken weaklings.

It took you millions of years to express yourself as the Himalayas and then you had to divide yourself in two: the "I" and the "You". You endowed me with consciousness and I began to admire "You" as the embodiment of every noble virtue: of compassion, bliss, grace, and ethics. Flowing down the plains, you awakened the consciousness of the Aryans who worshipped you in all your varied aspects, including those of Creation and Destruction. For them you were the Sun with the Golden Orb, the Indra of effulgent demeanor, and the goddess with terrifying looks. You became the trees and the rivers, the moon and the sun; you became the glitter and the gold, knowledge and wisdom; you became love and terror. I have forgotten my faith: I am no more Shakta or Shaiva, monist or Vaishnava. Glory unto you O Lord; I beg to give me more words of praise, more Upanishads and the Vedas.

[The reader can very easily replace 'the Himalayas' with 'the Alps' or 'the Andes', and still the whole write up would be true. The Truth never changes; it is eternally one irrespective of time and place. Do visit Nature as it manifests in the form of compassion of the Lord.]
C S Shah

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