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Science, Nature, and Spirituality

The function of science is to theorize about the various manifestations of Truth in this universe. It tries to lend rationality to the events we see, feel, confront, and observe around us. In this respect, the word 'in-vention' would appear to be somewhat inappropriate, but 'discovery' would be acceptable. One cannot invent that which already exists; and whatever the human mind (including intelligence, reason, and intui-tion) can think of is already existent! Moreover, these faculties of mind are also but the parts of that very Existence. Art and literature, sculpture and painting, psychology and philosophy, science and spirituality study that one Truth in its various modes of expressions. At best these faculties or applications of mind light up the Truth on its path of evolutionary progress. Attempts of art and science do narrow down our search and make it somewhat easier to reach the Truth.

Once Swami Vivekananda had remarked, 'as one reaches the center, the radii converge!' Therefore, art, literature, painting, philosophy, science, and spirituality converge at the center and become one; and in fact, might even become interchangeable - one may reach the center via science-radius and leave it via art-radius. All the rush and the clutter of accommodation at the center seem to arise due to apprehension that there may not be enough room for everyone to enjoy the 'bliss of having arrived'. This feeling of in-security we inherit in our genetic material through thousands of years of 'struggle for existence'. How-ever, on reaching the center the apprehension is seen to be ill founded and unnecessary. There the space and time no longer bother us, and the vastness is all accommodative, infinite!

So, let the religious fanaticism raise its sword of persecution, let science based on reason give the crum-bling blow to 'religious superstitions,' let every other 'ism' wage a relentless war against spiritualism, but we need not lose heart. Let every one of us make the efforts to reach the center first; for, reaching at the center is important not only for the individual but also for the welfare of whole humankind. On reaching the center, the person is sure to find and proclaim the availability of 'seat' for everyone. [In this regard, the success of science and humanitarian concerns might overwhelm us at times. Spiritual pursuit might be seen as escapism and unnecessary; however, let a few of us at least give a try, even at the cost of being labeled as self-centered.]

Science and Nature

We take a test tube, put certain ingredients, add this solution and that reagent, apply heat and, hey, the color become green! We are overjoyed at our own success. We become proud of our talents and intelli-gence. But, just look at the nature! Look with what finesse it is performing the same experiment in mil-lions and millions of tress and leaves all around, day in and day out! It does not boast of its achievements, but we do. We say we have invented this and discovered that. Nature watches us skeptically and suffo-cates our pride gradually to finally crush it one day. We are reduced to three and half kilo of ash or a few pounds of bones.

To study the nature is one function of physical science, but to conquer it is the task of spiritual discipline.

To some extent, science also tries to bring nature to its feet and master it. But science has no idea about the purpose of conquering the nature. It vanquishes the nature as an adversary, as an enemy, and in this process destroys it completely. In this act of plundering, we get pleasure. This is joy and happiness for most of us. Physical pleasure, worldly knowledge! Science of spirituality, on the other hand, challenges the nature as a rebel. It tames down the nature to go beyond it. It shows the nature its legitimate limita-tion; says this far and not beyond! During this struggle, nature is overpowered but not destroyed; it is only sublimated and transcended.
c s shah
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