Chapter 5 : Faerieland

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The prices of items, weapons given along the way & hitpoints of bosses are for normal mode only.

Refer to the "Monsters & Bosses" for evil & insane mode hitpoints. Abilities are the same for all modes.

You cannot use this page to skip talking to certain specific characters. You can only use it to determine if the characters are worth talking to.

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Northern Watchtower (Level 1)
Guardsman Wertam says, "State your business, civilian."

> Say, "We are adventurers. We're here to help."

Guardsman Wertam eyes you carefully. He says, "You don't look like spies. I'll take a chance and trust you. Don't make me regret that choice. You'd best go inside and talk with Captain Okara. She can spare time to talk. We can't." He turns back to watching outside.

Guardswoman Janna says, "Who are you?"

> Say, "We are adventurers. We're here to help."

Guardswoman Janna raises an eyebrow. "Can't imagine how you'd end up here, but... go on inside and talk to Captain Okara. She'll know what to do with you." She ignores you and returns to her watch.

Guard Captain Okara says, "What do you want, civilian? We don't have time for idle chatter."

> Say, "We are adventurers. We're here to help. What's happening in Faerieland?"

Guard Captain Okara says, "Adventurers, eh? We certainly could use your help. Strange monsters are invading Faerieland, and all the dark faeries have begun to rebel!"

> Say, "Invasion? Rebellion? Who's behind all this?"

Guard Captain Okara says, "We're not positive yet. Communications with Faerie City have been cut off for days, and we can't get close enough to find out who, if anyone, is organizing the attacks. We've got our hands full just keeping this watchtower from falling to the enemy."

> Say, "What kinds of enemies are attacking you?"

Guard Captain Okara says, "Mostly dark faeries. All different kinds. Even some of the Eyries have gone over to the enemy and are fighting against us now. There have even been mercenaries, recruited from who knows where!" She shakes her head and sighs. "Some in the Guard have to have seen bizarre creatures 'made of cloud,' they said. I don't know if I believe it, but these days, anything's possible."

> Say, "How can we help?"

Guard Captain Okara says, "If you can make your way to Faerie City and find out what's going on, that would help us immensely. A lot of the cloudroads have been destroyed in the fighting, so you'll have to go around to the south, and take the Bridge of Mist to Faerie City. Hopefully it's still usable. You can explore this tower, if you like; any of the Guard will be happy to assist you in whatever way possible. Oh, and if you need to rest, talk to Calam over there. He's our quartermaster and can find you a room."


Quartermaster Calam examines you thoroughly as you approach. "You look like hardy adventurers. Well, Okara's given her okay, if you need a place to rest for the night." He looks around furtively. "We also got a lot of extra weapons and armor lyin' around these days, if you know what I mean. Too much equipment and not enough troops to equip. I'd be willing to let you have some... for a price. Just let me know if you're interested." He straightens up. "'Sides that, won't cost you anything to stay the night here. We've got extra bunks in the barracks."

> Say, "We'd like to rest for the night." (Cost: free)

Quartermaster Calam nods and shows you to the barracks. "You'll sleep soundly here. Faerieland doesn't skimp on making its soldiers comfortable."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Calam grins. "I knew you'd be interested. Well, examine the wares, tell me what you want. I can't discount too much, but I think you'll find our weapons and armor are of excellent quality. Also, if you need potions, talk to the cook, Gustano, upstairs in the barracks. He'll supply you."

- Quartermaster Calam's inventory -

Name & Cost
royal sword (dmg 64) 4,000 gp
disciplined wand (dmg 27) 4,000 gp
stonewood longbow (dmg 45) 4,000 gp
staff of truth (dmg 36) 4,000 gp
kingly plate (def 64) 4,000 gp
arcanist's robe (def 27) 4,000 gp
forest tunic (def 45) 4,000 gp
heavenly holy chain (def 50) 4,000 gp


Guardsman Sevitas says, "Good luck out there. We probably aren't going anywhere for a while, so if you need to come back, we'll have a place for you to rest."

> Say, "Thanks. Any other advice?"

"Yeah. There's a cloud maze to the south. Never used to be there, but since the dark faeries invaded, they've spent a lot of effort rearranging the cloud formations. I think they want to keep the outer guard towers, like us, from being able to send reinforcements to Faerie City. So watch yourself."

Guardswoman Kemtami says, "You're really going out there? Crazy adventurers."

> Say, "Is there any reason we shouldn't go out there?"

"You mean aside from the dark faeries, bizarre creatures, and traitorous eyries? Can't think of any reason. Have fun!"

Northern Watchtower (Level 2)
Gustano sighs at you. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly sick of making potions... but it isn't exactly my favorite thing to do these days. But I'll sell you what you need, so here's what I got."

- Guard Cook Gustano's inventory -

Name & Cost
Faerie's Gift Potion (heal 150) 130 gp
Constitution Potion (heal 140) 125 gp
Vivify Potion (resurrect, 80% heal) 3,000 gp
Typhoon Potion (dmg 155) 125 gp
Speed of Wind Potion (haste 60%) 230 gp
Slumber Potion (slow 70%) 230 gp
Guardswoman Avisne says, "This war is crazy. Where did all these dark faeries come from?"

> Say, "I don't know. Heard any rumors?"

Guardswoman Avisne says, "A couple. But they're crazy, mostly. Corrupted faeries, mechanical Cybunnies... I even heard that the dark faeries are using babaas as soldiers! Maybe some of it's true, but it's just crazy."

Guardsman Loceveakro says, "I heard there was an enormous dragon behind the whole thing. Only dragon I know is the Snowager, and he lives down on Terror Mountain. So it can't be him. Like Avisne there says... crazy talk."

> Say, "Are you sure it's just a rumor?"

Guardsman Loceveakro says, "Can't be sure of nothin' these days. You'd asked me a month ago, I'd've said I was sure Faerieland could never be invaded. Shows what I knew, eh?"

Guardsman Kosec says, "Shh! Don't tell anyone I'm back here. I'm hiding."

> Say, "What are you hiding from?"

Guardsman Kosec says, "The..." He looks around, suspiciously, but nobody else is near. "The Fallen Angel!"

> Say, "Who's the Fallen Angel?"

"I... I don't know. She came to me in my dream last night, told me to betray my friends. It was so real. But I don't want to be near the others now. I'm afraid I might do something awful to them!"

> Say, "Are you sure it wasn't just a dream?"

"I'm sure. This morning when I looked out the window, I saw a dark shape flying through the air. It was far away, but I swear, when I looked closer at it, I could see it looking back! It gave me the shivers. So I'm not moving from this spot."

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On the way to the Bridge of Mist

You are attacked by The Fallen Angel! (health 1200)

The Fallen Angel laughs, her voice a crystal note in the air. "You truly think you can get past me?" she says. "At least you will provide an interesting challenge, after all the puny faeries I've already killed since I came back to this place." She crouches, then leaps at you!

You won the fight!
The Fallen Angel cries out in anguish as the final strike lands. Her wings shrivel and her skin turns to ash, revealing a dark, skeletal, evil form. The shape falls through a gap in the clouds and bursts into flame, finally crashing into the ocean far below. The way before you lies open now, and in the distance you see something rising through the clouds: the Bridge of Mist.

Rohane gained 1,153 experience points!
Mipsy gained 1,153 experience points!
Talinia gained 1,153 experience points!
Velm gained 1,153 experience points!

You found 3,000 gold pieces!
You found 1 focusing wand!
You found 1 regal sword!
You gain 1,000 neopoints!

Continuing to travel to Bridge of Mist...

 > Say, "What happened to the Bridge of Mist?"

Vilaria says, "It was destroyed by a huge... evil... beast of some kind. I don't know what it was. It almost looked like an Angelpuss, but an Angelpuss would never do something so awful!"


> Say, "Who are you?"

Vilaria says, "Nobody, really, just a faerie trying to make her way back to the city. But with the Bridge of Mist gone, I don't know how I'll get there!"

> Say, "Why don't you just fly there?"

Vilaria says, "Are you crazy?! There's dark faeries everywhere, and they're watching the skies very carefully! The only safe way to get anywhere is to walk... if you call getting attacked by creatures every other step 'safe.'"

> Say, "We're trying to get to Faerie City, too. Is there any other path?"

Vilaria says, "Well..." She looks off to the south. "There is one way, but you'd have to go into the Underclouds!"

> Say, "What are the Underclouds?"

"We faeries don't talk about them much, but the Underclouds are a place hidden deep within the clouds you can normally see up here. Strange creatures and dark faeries live there, but they've always kept to themselves. There's even a rumor that there's some kind of city down there, but nobody who's gone to look has ever returned. I think there might be a path through there that lets you get to Faerie City, but I don't know. But it's probably your only choice."

> Say, "Thanks for your help."

Vilaria says, "No problem. And hey, if you go into the Underclouds, I might decide to follow... at a safe distance, once you hearty adventurers have dealt with all the nasties that live down there."

> Say, "But aren't you a dark faerie?"

Vilaria says, "Well, yeah, but I'm not an evil dark faerie, like the ones who are rebelling. I'm a... well, I'm not good, either. I suppose I'm sort of chaotic neutral."


^back to the top

Essit stares at you nervously as you approach. "Who are you? What do you want? Don't hurt me!"

> Say, "We won't hurt you. We're adventurers, helping to fight against the invasion."

"Oh. Well. That's good, I suppose. I've been stuck down here for days, because of all the monsters and evil faeries roaming around."

> Say, "Why are you down here in the Underclouds?"

"I was searching for... well, it's silly, I guess, but I was searching for the lost Faerie city of Cumulonimbus. Legend says it's somewhere in the Underclouds, but I haven't been able to find it. Not that I've had a lot of time to search since I've been stuck here."

> Say, "Where have you searched so far?"

"I started in the northwest, where you came from. I didn't get very far. If Cumulonimbus does really exist, then it'd be somewhere off to the southeast. But these evil stoneclouds are blocking the path. You'd have to go around to the southwest first, I guess. Good luck finding it. I hope you can get past all these monsters!"


Cumulonimbus (in underclouds)
Ceth glances up from the ground, where she's playing marbles. "Well what do YOU want?"

> Say, "Who are you?"

Ceth glares at you. "Mind your own business!" she snaps. "I'm busy playing a game."

> Say, "Isn't it kind of dangerous to be out here?"

"So? It's dangeorus. Big whoop. The creatures here don't bother me. They think I'm so crazy to just traipse in here, that I must be a powerful wizard or something." She laughs. "Not even. I just needed a nice smooth surface to play marbles on."

> Say, "Can you at least tell us something useful about the city?"

"Sure. I've been here a while, so I know a thing or two. What do you want to know?"

> Say, "What kind of monsters are there in this city?"

"A bunch of different ones. Lots of faeries. A noil or two. I thought I saw someone herding some babaas through, but that can't be right. Oh yeah! A big Angelpuss, although it looks weird. It was red! Are Angelpusses supposed to be red? Anyway. What else do you want to know?"

> Say, "What can you tell us about the layout of the city?"

"Easy. It's a grid. Well, not that easy. See, there's this stonecloud stuff that's built up all over the place. I dunno where it came from but it's all over the Underclouds. Anyway, I guess the city's been abandoned a long time, because the stounecloud has broken through a lot of the building walls. Makes it kinda hard to get around. I think you need to go on through those buildings to the southeast if you want to get anywhere. What else do you want to know?"


You are attacked by Devilpuss! (health 1500)

Devilpuss zooms around the ruins of Cumulonimbus, cackling wildly. "Being an Angelpuss was fun, I admit," he says, "but being a Devilpuss is so much more fun! Nobody expects you to be sweet all the time, nobody insists that you keep your fur all white and clean..." He turns and gives you a fiendish look. "And nobody minds if you kill a few neopets now and then..." He zooms toward you and attacks!

You won the fight!
Devilpuss crashes to the ground, his wings crumpled and his tail bent. "Urgh... I guess... it was fun... after all..." With that, he stops moving and is silent. The east gate of Cumulonimbus stands open before you.
Rohane gained 1,538 experience points!
Mipsy gained 1,538 experience points!
Talinia gained 1,538 experience points!
Velm gained 1,538 experience points!

You found 2,500 gold pieces!
You found 1 majestic holy chain!
You found 1 Plate of Ages!
You gain 1,100 neopoints!


Village of Cirrus (in underclouds)

Caereli says, "Welcome, welcome, friends! This is your last chance to get weapons and armor before you make your way to Faerie City -- or so gossip has told me -- and it just so happens that what with the invasion and all, it's a bit difficult to get ahold of equipment there. So this really is your last chance. Take a look, tell me what you like, and I'll see if I can give you what you need!"

- Caereli's inventory -

Name Cost
Sword of Kings (dmg 72) 4,500 gp
Wand of Mastery (dmg 30) 4,500 gp
Bow of Nature (dmg 50) 4,500 gp
Holy Staff (dmg 40) 4,500 gp
Defender's plate (def 72) 4,500 gp
Robe of the Archmage (def 30) 4,500 gp
Tunic of Eternity (def 50) 4,500 gp
Holy Chain of Ghosts (def 55) 4,500 gp


Mekava raises an eyebrow at you. "I suppose you want potions. Fine, fine. I'll just get up out of my comfortable chair and do work to make YOU happy." She grunts and rises. "There! Are you happy? Happy now? ARE YOU HAPPY? What do you want?"

- Mekava's inventory -

Name & Cost
Fyora's Blessing Potion (heal 160) 135 gp
Faerie's Gift Potion (heal 150) 130 gp
Constitution Potion (heal 140) 125 gp
Vivify Potion (resurrect, 80% heal) 3,000 gp
Hurricane Potion (dmg 170) 135 gp
Speed of Light Potion (haste 65%) 250 gp
Coma Potion (slow 80%) 250 gp

Deleri looks you over and says, "Well, you don't look like horrible monsters. What can I do for you?"

> Say, "What is this place?"

"What, you mean the town? Cirrus? It was founded a long time ago, after Cumulonimbus was abandoned. Some of the citizens wanted to make a fresh start down here in the Underclouds. My great-grandma was one of the original settlers. But it never really took off, which is why this is still such a small town. I'm the innkeeper, as you might have guessed. Room for the night's 1,000 gold pieces, for you and your friends."

> Say, "Do you know anything about the invasion?"

"Invasion? Is that what's going on? We've noticed a lot of odd faeries and other weird creatures moving around lately -- which is really strange, because down here in the Underclouds, there's usually nothing going on. I guess they're not interested in us, though."

> Say, "We'd like to rest for the night." (Cost: 1000 gp)

Deleri says, "Sure thing. Pick any of the empty rooms."
You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.


Odail looks up from the table. "Adventurers? Are you adventurers?"

> Say, "Yes, we are. Who are you?"

"Name's Odail. I'm an adventurer, too! Except I've been stuck in this little town for a week. Every time I try to get back to the upper Faerieland area, all these monsters keep attacking me. I barely escaped alive last time. So now I'm staying here."

> Say, "Have you heard anything interesting here?"

"Interesting? Depends on what you consider interesting, I guess. I heard some gossip from a couple of faeries that passed through, that said that there was some kind of dragon in Faerie City, calling himself the King of Faerieland! Can you beileve that? No way Fyora would ever let that happen. Anyway, if you don't mind, I'm going to sit here and brood quietly for a while." Odail puts his head down on the table.


Atasha says, "Are you adventurers? Have you heard about this invasion? How dreadful! I only hope that whoever it is that's invading doesn't bother with our little town. What with all the troubles back when Cumulonimbus was destroyed, I'd hate to have to go through all that again."
Bexi says, "Have you seen my glasses? I can't imagine where I could have put them. I thought I left them on my nightstand, but they seem to have vanished. Maybe I dropped them somewhere, but of course I can't see well enough to look for them."

> Say, "Maybe someone stole them."

But who would have done such a thing? I mean, there was that odd faerie who came by for a visit last week, said she was a friend of my granddaughter's. Come to think of it, after she left, I noticed that all my good silverware had vanished, as well, but I can't imagine she would have taken it. How odd."


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Faerie City

LucinaLusina says, "Oh, adventurers! Thank goodness! Faerie City has been overrun by villains!"

> Say, "Who are you?"

"I live here, or I used to, before my house got taken over by the dark faeries. Now I'm just doing my part, trying to warn everyone who enters the city."

> Say, "What happened to the city?"

"Well, it's basically a civil war. Lots of dark faeries have rebelled and taken over the city. They're ransacking houses and shops. It's madness! I think they're being commanded by this one faerie that I saw a while ago."

> Say, "What faerie do you mean?"

"I think she's a thief. I first saw her giving orders to some other faeries and cybunnies, telling them what to steal. Last I saw her, she went into the inn, which is just on the right. I'm not sure if she's still in there, but you should probably check it out."

To Faerie Thief's 1st hiding place in Faerie City
You are attacked by the Faerie Thief! (health 1200)

The Faerie Thief laughs at you as you approach. "So, you want to get into the Palace and take on the King, eh? Well I've put shielding wards over the palace doors. You won't be able to enter unless you defeat me. Not that you'll be able to!" She attacks!

----------------After decreasing her hitpoints by one third-------------

The Faerie Thief leaps away, landing atop a table. She scowls at you. "So, a bit of a challenge, it seems. Well, fighting to the death was never my style. And I think I can find somewhere in this city to hide, that you won't find. So long, suckers!"
She leaps out an open window and flies away to the west, behind a nearby building.

Faerie Thief's 2nd hiding place in City
You are attacked by the Faerie Thief!

The Faerie Thief cracks a sardonic smile. "So, you tracked me down. Still itching for a fight? How charming. Come and get it!"

The Faerie Thief stumbles back, up against a wall. She snarls, "You think you're tough, huh? You're never getting into that castle alive. And you're never getting the key back from me!" She flies up to the ceiling and opens a trap door, then flies out.

You found 1 Darigan's Fire Cloak!
You found 1 Nature's Armor!
You gain 1,200 neopoints!

after faerie thief flees for 2nd time**(this is getting tiresome)

Lusina says, "Wow!! The Faerie Thief just burst out of the roof of that building just northwest of us! Then she flew off to the north. I wonder whether she went into the Palace, or is hiding in one of the buildings at the north end of the city. I think you better go check it out!"

Final Battle with Faerie Thief @ the Palace Gates

You are attacked by the Faerie Thief!

The Faerie Thief watches grimly as you approach. "So, you found me again. Well, this will be your last stand--and your last battle. I'll make sure of that."

You won the fight!

The Faerie Thief slumps over, defeated. With fading breath, she says, "I am... now... released from his grasp... I must thank you... but he will not... he will not be pleased." She grunts in pain. "The towers inside are locked tight... you will need... the keys..." She tilts to one side, and falls through a gap in the clouds, disappearing into the sea far below.
The palace doors, behind where she stood, sparkle briefly. The magic wards holding them shut seem to have dissolved.

Rohane gained 1,538 experience points!
Mipsy gained 1,538 experience points!
Talinia gained 1,538 experience points!
Velm gained 1,538 experience points!

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Faerie Palace (Level 1)
Stenvela Stenvela says, "I take it you were able to retrieve the key to the palace from that horrible Faerie Thief. Thanks for defeating her."

> Say, "Who are you?"

"Name's Stenvela. I'm a commander in the Faerieland militia. Me and my squad managed to get inside the palace before it got locked up, and we've been trying to fight our way to Fyora, who we think is being held prisoner in the West Tower. There's a bit of a problem, though... the stairways that lead to the upper floors of the palace have been blocked off by the enemy! They've set up barricades in the hallways."

> Say, "We'll try to find another way upstairs. What are you doing to do?"

"I've got to stay here and direct battle operations on the ground floor, try and root out the enemy commanders. If you run into any more of my squad, they might be able to help you with information. Good luck."


Kroliya says, "Hey! You're not dark faeries! What are you doing here?"

> Say, "We're looking for a way upstairs."

"Well, this isn't it. They've blocked off the hallway just west -- and behind the blockade is the nearest stairway."

> Say, "Is there another way up?"

"Hmm... Maybe. You could cut through the garden in the middle of the palace. There's a service corridor just south there, that goes right to it. From there you should be able to get to the other stairway. If it's not blocked off, anyway."

> Say, "Is there anything else you can tell us?"

"Well, some of our scouts have said that they saw or heard Pant Devils upstairs. I'd be careful if I were you; the way they described the Pant Devils, it sounds like they're... bigger than usual. Heh. Good luck."

Arthal says, "I bet you were looking for these stairs, huh? They're blocked off. Damn those dark faeries!"

> Say, "Is there another staircase we can use?"

"There's the one on the north side -- you can get there if you go back through the garden. But you just came through there, didn't you? Hmm. Well, if you go around through the rooms along the west corridor, you might be able to get to the north stairway from the back."

> Say, "Is there anything else you can tell us?"

"I suppose Kroliya told you about the Pant Devils? Well, nevermind. I've heard some kind of awful roaring noise from up above. Heh, nobody else believes me when I say it, but I'm 99 percent sure it's a dragon. And not a friendly one. So watch yourself."

Faerie Palace (Level 2)
Vitrini says, "Ah! Reinforcements! To arms, soldiers!"

> Say, "We're not soldiers. We're adventurers, here to help."

"Oh. Well. That's good enough, I suppose. Stenvela sent you up, eh? She may have mentioned about Fyora. We've got a problem. I've confirmed that Fyora is being held captive in the West Tower. But if you don't feel up to dealing with that right now, there's some spare beds up here that you can use, if you want to take a rest."

> Say, "So what's the problem?"

"The problem is, the door to the West Tower has been locked shut -- some kind of magical ward protects it, too, so we can't just break it down."

>Say, "Who has the key?"

"The key is held by..." She looks around, as if afraid someone will overhear. Vitrini continues, whispering. "King Terask himself!"

> Say, "Who's King Terask?"

"A dragon. A big, vicious dragon. He showed up right when the fighting started, and looked like he was giving commands to the dark faeries and their friends. He and Fyora fought. It was a terrible battle..." She looks away, shaking her head.

> Say, "What happened?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry, I got carried away there, reminiscing. Anyway, they fought, and fought, and eventually Terask overcame Fyora and locked her in the West Tower. He cast some magical binding spells on her, so she can't use her own magic, or move, or do anything. I think she's in a kind of stasis. After that, he started calling himself 'King' Terask and making grand pronouncements out over the city. Not that any of the loyal faeries are listening to him, of course."

> Say, "Where is Terask now?"

"As far as I know, he's up in the East Tower. But there's kind of a... a catch."

> Say, "What catch?"

"I dunno if any of the others mentioned it, but there's a couple of Pant Devils up here. Two of them. Big ones. And each of the Pant Devils has half of the Silver Key which opens the East Tower, so you'll need to defeat them both. Then, bring me the two halves of the key -- I know how to recombine them so that they'll open the door to the East Tower."

> Say, "Where are the Pant Devils?"

"In the smaller towers, in the northwest and northeast of this floor. You'll have to defeat them both and take their halves of the Silver Key. Then you can come back down here, go around to the east, and face King Terask. Not that you have a snowball's chance in the Lost Desert of beating him, but you've probably got a better shot than any of us. Good luck!"

> Say, "We'd like to rest for a bit." (Cost: free)

"Sure thing. I'll scrounge up a guard or two so that you can get some rest." Vitrini shows you to a spare bedroom, and you rest for a few hours, awaking refreshed and healthy.


Pant Devils at Northwest and Northeast Towers

You are attacked by a Pant Devil! (health 2000)

The Pant Devil grins, wide and toothy. "Come for half the key, eh?" it says. "Then you come and try to take it! Ah hahahahaha!!" It attacks!

You won the fight!

The Pant Devil chuckles a little, but then shakes violently. Suddenly it explodes, giving off a terribly loud POP noise! It vanishes, leaving a huge pile of gold on the floor.

You found 5,000 gold pieces!
You found half of a silver key!
You found 1 Treeskin!
You gain 1,300 neopoints!


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Faerie Palace (East Wing)
You are attacked by King Terask!(health 2500)

King Terask watches you approach. Hatred burns in his eyes. "So, you are the puny little weaklings who have caused so much trouble. I should have known better than to let my minions try to defeat you -- I should have hunted you down myself. But now you've come right to me... and you'll never escape. Let's see what you've got." He roars, an ear-splitting noise, and rushes at you!

You won the fight!

King Terask is knocked off-balance, and stumbles back, grunting in pain. "No... this... not supposed..." He crashes into a wall, and breaks through it, falling into the clouds below. A golden key lies on the floor where he stood. You pick it up, and notice a teleportation orb in an alcove.

You found 5,000 gold pieces!
You found the Golden Key!
You found 1 Jeran's Battle Armor!
You found 1 Holy Chain of Shadows!
You gain 1,500 neopoints!

^back to the top

Faerie Palace (West Wing)
Lyra says, "You must be the adventurers I've heard so much about."

> Say, "Who are you?"

Lyra says, "I am Lyra. I am Queen Fyora's personal attendant. Unfortunately, we've been separated ever since King Terask took over. Luckily he's too large to get into these rooms, so I'm safe as long as I stay here."

> Say, "We defeated King Terask."

Lyra says, "What?! But... Fyora is still imprisoned! The spell hasn't been broken. I could feel it instantly if it was. She's upstairs. Maybe if you go up there you'll be able to free her."

> Say, "Can you help us at all?"

Lyra says, "You bet I can. You can rest in these beds here, and I've got the very last of the castle's potion supply. I'd be happy to give them all to you for free, except... well... the castle's master of accounts will have my head if we get through this and we're missing crates and crates of potions, so you will unfortunately have to pay for what you buy. But I've got everything you'll need."

> Say, "We could use a rest." (Cost: free)

Lyra says, "I'll bet. Well, there's beds. Go ahead and take a nap. You're gonna need it." You rest for a while, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Lyra says, "I've got all kinds of potions. Healing, hasting, slowing, damaging... never hurts to stock up."

- Lyra's inventory -

Name & Cost
Jhudora's Lifeforce Potion (heal 170) 140 gp
Fyora's Blessing Potion (heal 160) 135 gp
Hurricane Potion (dmg 170) 135 gp
Speed of Light Potion (haste 65%) 250 gp 
Coma Potion (slow 80%) 250 gp


You are attacked by King Terask (health 5000) who is hiding on the 3rd step diagonal from Queen!

The ground rumbles, and suddenly King Terask crashes through the ceiling! He's hideous -- twice as large as before, and with two more arms. He's transformed, mutated, bigger and more powerful. Orbs of death energy glow in his eyes. He emits a roar so loud that you're knocked to the ground. "So you thought it would be that easy?" he shouts. "You've merely unleashed my true power... a power that cannot be defeated!"

You won the fight!


You found 83 gold pieces!
You found 1 Jhudora's Lifeforce Potion!
(Whats the use of this when the game has ended?)

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