Chapter 5 Faerieland

Please refer to the maps for details

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  1. In Faerieland, go to Northern Watchtower  for resting place, potions, weapons and armoury

  2. Exit the tower from the south, use the Faerieland map to guide you to the Fallen Angel.

  3. Defeat the Fallen Angel & head for Underclouds

  4. Enter Cumulonimbus city in Underclouds & defeat Devilpuss. You can hunt if you want but after Devilpuss, try not to hunt because, even if you aren't in hunting mode, the monsters are just as plentiful...tedious.

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  5. Exit Cumulonimbus by East gate to Underclouds again

  6. Rest and stock up your inventory at Village of Cirrus.
    This is a critical stop for you! Its the:
    (i) Last stop for weapons
    If you need to buy weapons/armour, do so now, as there won't be anymore weapon/armour traders. This is not the time to save your gold. If you are unlucky enough not to get good stuff from the remaining bosses, you may have to make do with the ones you bought.
    (ii) 2nd last stop for potions

    Stock up as you can't buy any potions till King Terask I is defeated. Have a full inventory of damage, slow, heal and haste potions.
    (iii) 3rd last resting stop!
    Rest here if you must as it is a very looonng way to the next rest stop.

  7. After Cirrus, here comes the idiotic bionic cybunnies! You'd get the avatar below for defeating a bionic cybunny.

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  8. Exit Underclouds, and travel to Faerie City.

  9. Once inside Faerie City, head for the nearest building on the right, take the stairs up to Faerie Thief's 1st hiding place.

  10. Fight Faerie Thief till her hitpoints are down by one-third and she flees.

  11. Go to leftmost building in the Faerie City, take the stairs down to the cellar. Move to another flight of steps leading to Faerie Thief's 2nd hiding place.

  12. Fight her again and when her hitpoints are down by two-thirds, she flees again...*sighs*

  13. Go to Palace gates (north of Faerie City) and she will be right there waiting for you.

  14. Defeat her and enter Faerie Palace.

  15. Follow the red line (on the Palace Level 1 map) to the flight of steps to Palace Level 2.

  16. On Palace 2nd level, get a free rest from Vitrini before turning west & head up the Northeast Tower and Northwest Tower to defeat the two Pant Devils for two halves of a key.

  17. Go back down to Palace 2nd level, and give the two 1/2 keys to Vitrini standing before the stairs to recombine them.

  18. Take the keys & travel east then south (follow the corridor) and take the bottom-right stairs circled in red to find King Terask @ East Wing

  19. Defeat Terask I and go to the Teleport Orb which will take you out of East Wing.

  20. Head towards West Wing, see Palace 2nd Level map & take the stairs to free Queen Fyora (fight King Terask II).

  21. On the way, you encounter Lyra, the potions trader. Rest and stock up on all the potions before heading for the final battle.

  22. Go up the stairs and approach Fyora carefully as King Terask II is hiding 3 steps diagonally from her (on the square marked withon the map)

  23. Defeat Terask II and Queen Fyora can free herself thankyouverymuch.

  24. End of Neoquest II *phew*

  25. You get a trophy and some neopoints. Prizes will automatically appear in your inventory even though they are not stated:)

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