Chapter 1 : Meridell

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The prices of items, weapons given along the way & hitpoints of bosses are for normal mode only.

Refer to the "Monsters & Bosses" for evil & insane mode hitpoints. Abilities are the same for all modes.

You cannot use this page to skip talking to certain specific characters. You can only use it to determine if the characters are worth talking to.

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Village of Trestin

Mother says, "Well hello, dear! Have you been having fun out in the world?"

> Say, "I need rest. May I spend the night at home?" (Cost: free)

Mother says, "Why, of course, dear! How could I possibly turn you away from the house you grew up in?"

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.


Pongoras says, "The monsters that have been roaming the countryside won't come too close to towns, but there's a cave to the north of here that has all sorts of fiends inside. I wouldn't go there, if I were you. At any rate, if you're going to be out adventuring, I'd recommend staying right near town until you've gained some experience."

> Say, "What can you tell me about the cave?"

"The cave? I think it used to be a mine of some kind, but it's been abandoned since before I was born. I don't think anyone has been in there in years, but with all the monsters infesting it now, I can't imagine that anyone would want to go there!"

> Say, "What else is near the village?"

"Well, there's the mountains to the north, and the coastline all around... if you head northeast and then south, you'll get to the city of White River. You can't trust city folk, though. Be careful if you go there."

Tolain says, "I don't understand why all the animals that live in the nearby lands have become so aggressive lately. Why, I used to be able to walk all the way to White River, at night, without having to worry about a thing. Now, I can't even go out during the day without being set upon by ravenous beasts!"

> Say, "What kinds of beasts?"

"Well, the lupes, aishas, and bearogs that live in the plains and forests near here used to be so tame and peaceful -- why, you could walk right up and feed them snacks out of your hand. I even hear that the gelerts that live to the northeast have become hostile."

> Say, "Tell me about White River."

"White River is the next nearest settlement. It's a day's walk from here; just go around the mountains to the north, then over the land bridge to the northeast, and follow the coastline south. You can't miss it; it's the only way to cross the river, which is, not coincidentally, called the White River."

Jimba says, "Aahh! Oh, sorry, it's just you. I've been a bit on edge lately, with all these nasty creatures roaming around. Why, just the other night, I had to fend off a ravening lupe that tried to eat some of my flock!"

> Say, "How is your flock doing?"

Jimba says, "My poor babaas haven't been getting any sleep, what with all the howling that goes on at night. Those crazy lupes out in the wilderness sure are making things difficult, with all that racket."


Marvis says, "It's too bad that your father isn't still with us to see you going off to adventure. He would have been so proud of you."

> Say, "What else do you know about my father?"

"Well, he had kind of a mysterious past. He didn't talk about it much. I think he used to be a soldier or warrior, before he met your mother and settled down to have a family. That's where he supposedly got that sword he left you, anyway. Although if he really had been a soldier, don't you think he'd have kept his armour, too?"


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Dark Caves
You are attacked by the miner foreman! (health 50)
The miner foreman says, "These halls were not meant for the living... so we'll have to make sure you aren't living any more!"

You won the fight!

The miner foreman screams, "Noooooo..." as he fades into nothingness. Suddenly, the oppressive darkness of the mine relents, and everything becomes a bit brighter. The ghosts and skeletons infesting the mine have all vanished, released from their torment by the death of the foreman!
Behind where the foreman stood, you see a magic teleportation orb. It looks like it will send you back to the entrance of the mines.

You found 10 gold pieces!
You found 2 Healing Flasks!
You found 1 rusty chain tunic!
You gain 100 neopoints!

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Town of White River, North
Jeltharo says, "Welcome to White River. Normally I would extend every courtesy and hospitality to you that our humble town could afford, but ever since the problem with the bridge, the whole town's been in an uproar."

You say, "What problem?"

Jeltharo says, "Well, everything was fine, until one day a few weeks ago. The town was going about its business as usual, when suddenly there was a crack of thunder -- from a cloudless sky, no less! -- and a wizard appeared out of thin air. He claimed that he would 'rule all these lands,' and then cast a spell at the bridge. The bridge magically lifted itself up, and despite all our efforts, we've been unable to force it back down. Now nobody can cross the river!"

You say, "Who was the wizard?"

Jeltharo says, "The wizard was an elephante, dressed in robes, and with a mad gleam in his eyes. He frightened the wits out of me, I must say. After he cast that spell upon the bridge, he cackled maniacally and then disappeared into thin air. I've no idea where to find him, though, or how to make him reverse the spell."

> Say, "What can you tell me about this town?"

Jeltharo says, "White River was founded ages ago, before recorded time. It was built at the narrowest point along the White River itself, to make passage to the Northern Marches easier. Naturally, a town grew up here. Most of the citizens are either minor wizards or merchants, dealing in trade with other cities in Meridell."


-Tebor's inventory-

Name & Cost
Healing Vial (heal 15) 18 gp

Flare Potion (dmg 15) 18 gp

Blast Potion (dmg 25) 30 gp

iron shortsword (dmg 8) 480 gp

rusty chain tunic (def 5) 360 gp

Bolar says, "I haven't had a drop to drink in weeks... ever since that dang wizard showed up. Horxas keeps saying he'll get some ale soon, but I don't know..."
Horxas says, "Welcome to my tavern! Although it's not much of a tavern these days, what with the bridge and all... We can't even get any ale. So there's not really anything to drink. But if you want a room for the night, it'll be 35 gold pieces."

> Say, "What can you tell me about this town?"

"White River's a peaceful town. The bit with the wizard showing up was more excitement than we've seen in all my lifetime! Normally, we just have a few wizards who quietly practice their magics, and the tradesmen who pass through frequently. They ship all manner of goods through here, although business has dried up a bit, now that the bridge is unusable."

> Say, "I'd like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 35 gp)


Yauvis opens his eyes and yawns. "Eh? What do you want? You woke me up! I'm trying to catch some shuteye here! Why don't you go do something more useful, like kill that wizard who froze the bridge?" Yauvis turns over on the bed and goes back to sleep.

Gorgan says, "Say, you wouldn't happen to know anyone who needs to buy five hundred pounds of omelette, would you?"

> Say, "No thanks, I don't need any omelette."

"Oh well. I guess it'll all just rot away then. I had it imported from across the eastern sea, and was expecting to take it across the river, so I could sell it all around Meridell... but with the bridge stuck the way it is, I don't know how I'll ever make my money back!"

> Say, "What can you tell me about White River?"

"I spend a fair amount of time here; my trading business takes me all over Meridell. White River's just a small town, really, not much to see or do. Some of the wizards who live here make for interesting conversation, if you enjoy that sort of thing."


Adelan says, "Dear me! The bridge is stuck in the raised position, and is unusable. Curse that wizard for doing this to our town!"

> Say, "What can you tell me about the wizard?"

"His name is Zombom. I've known him for years; he was actually a student of mine some time back. You see, I'm a wizard myself. But I hadn't seen him in several months, when he appeared and cast that spell on our bridge. I don't know where he learned such powerful magics; I can't even figure out how to break the spell. I fear that only his demise will cause the spell's effect to end."

>You say, "Where can I find the wizard?"

Adelan says, "It's only a rumor, but I've heard that he's taken up residence in an old, ruined tower on an island in the sea northeast of here. The only way to get there -- unless you can swim like a fish, or fly like a bird! -- is an underwater cave that runs under the mountains and comes up again on the island. I'm not sure exactly where it is, though. I think it lies where the forest meets the mountains, to the north."

 ~~After defeating zombom (bridge is lowered) ~~

Adelan says, "Well, I can't thank you enough for defeating Zombom, though I wish it didn't have to be this way. I suppose he'd been driven mad by tapping powerful, forbidden magics... or something like that."

Say, "What can you tell me about the town?"

"White River was founded as a river crossing centuries ago. Now it's home to a small community of wizards -- of whom I am one -- and traders who live here when not out trading. It's never grown to be a particularly large town, but we like it small. Actually, the walls were built to both protect against floods from the river itself, and to keep the community small."

> Say, "Zombom said he failed his master, and he mentioned your name."

"His master, eh? So he was not behind this by himself? That makes a certain kind of sense, I suppose. The only other person I can think of powerful enough to put Zombom up to what he did would be... but it can't be." Adelan hesitates for a moment, and looks around suspiciously. "The king's advisor, Ramtor, was rumored to be a powerful spellcaster... but I can't imagine why he'd want the bridge frozen up. The last I heard, the king had taken ill... but this far from the castle, who knows what's going on there?"


Town of White River, South

Mipsy says, "Oh, you startled me! I'm sorry, I'm a bit jittery these days, what with all the fuss from the bridge being stuck. I'm glad it's opened up now, though, and I've heard it's all thanks to you!"

> Say, "What can you tell me about this town?"

"Oh, I don't know very much about White River. I haven't lived here very long, you see; in fact, I'd only just moved in when the wizard attacked and got the bridge stuck. So I haven't even met most of the people who live here, since they've been trapped across the river."

> Say, "What do you do?"

Mipsy says, "Well, I'm a wizard, as you may have guessed from my robe. Not a very good one, mind you... I only know a few simple spells and other tricks."

> Say, "Would you like to join me in adventuring?"

"Me?? You want me to join you?" Mipsy jumps up from her chair excitedly. "Of course! Of course! I've already got my handy wizard's wand and my robes, and that's all I'll really need for a life of adventure, isn't it? Let's get going!"
Mipsy has joined your party!


Enkarra says, "You're from Trestin, are you? That means the bridge must be open! Oh, thank the stars. I was afraid I'd never be able to visit the north again."

Sildairm says, "Welcome to my shop. I sell speed-altering potions, but they won't come cheap. Anything guaranteed to make you move faster -- or make your enemies move slower -- will come at a hefty price! I also have healing potions, but when you buy my speed-altering potions, you won't need those much!"

- Sildarim's Inventory -
Healing Vial (heal 15)

Healing Flask (heal 25)

Flare Potion (dmg 15)

Blast Potion (dmg 25)

Awakening Potion (resurrect, 10% heal)

Speed Potion (haste 15%)

Slowness Potion (slow 20%)

Iron shortsword (dmg 8)
<;br> iron chain tunic (def 8)

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Mysterious Tower

Zombom (health 120) says, "I've been expecting you for some time. But now, you will die!"

Zombom emits a mighty roar of pain, and falls to one knee. "I never... never should have..." he gasps. "Adelan... I betrayed... my master... unhappy about this... aghh..." He slumps to the ground, dead. All around you, skeleton warriors crumble into dust, and the ghostly spirits evaporate away. The tower is still ruined, but it is no longer haunted. Behind where Zombom lies, you see a magical teleporter.

You found 150 gold pieces!
You found 3 Healing Flasks!
You found 1 wrought chain tunic!
You gain 200 neopoints!

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Lakeside Town
*Talk to potraddo the hermit to get the password to open the gates of Phorofor
Fudra says, "Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the Weary Rest, the only inn in these parts. I've only got a couple of rooms, but one's empty, if you're interested. It's 100 gold pieces per night."

> Say, "What can you tell me about this town?"

"I've lived here all my life, in Lakeside. It's a nice, peaceful town. Thankfully the dense forest helps keep some of the worst beasts away from the town. And you can be sure we keep the torches burning all night. You might want to go talk to the elders, who convene in the large meeting hall at the north end of town."

> Say, "What do you know about the nearby area?"

"The Eye of Meridell, that's the name for these parts. Comes from the eye-like shape of the lake, and the forest and mountains around it. I've never gone beyond the edge of the Eye, myself, not that I'd want to these days, what with all the beasts and monsters roaming the countryside. But if you leave the Eye and head southeast, you'll hit a huge desert known as the Trackless Wastes. I wouldn't recommend going there; there's no water for miles, and you can get easily lost."

> Say, "I would like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 100 gp)

"Ah, thank you. You'll find the empty room just down the hall."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy


Dovini says, "Oh, my... are you an adventurer? Like me? I mean, not that I'm much of one... I was hoping to find the famous lost city of Phorofor, but so far I've been luckless. I spent several days traversing the Trackless Wastes to the southeast, but eventually I had to give up. I ended up crawling through the mountains, and barely made it back here alive! I don't know if I have the heart to try again."

> Say, "What can you tell me about the lost city?"

"Ah, the lost city of Phorofor... There have been rumors for years of fabulous riches and evil spirits in that city. I don't really know, though. But I do know for certain that it's somewhere in the desert, possibly in the southeast. Supposedly there's some old hermit who has real knowledge about the place, but I've no idea where to find him. Anyway, the city's very far, and since I returned from my attempt to find it a few weeks ago, all these monsters and vicious creatures have appeared, infesting the countryside. I don't even know if I could make it to the desert without getting killed."


Estrunda raises his head from the table, and looks at you for a moment through bleary eyes. Then his head thumps down onto the table as he falls back asleep.

Yeccki says, "Welcome to the tavern. I'm your host, Yeccki. Not only is this the finest tavern in town, it's the only tavern in town!" Yeccki cackles madly. "But seriously, folks... sit down and take a load off, or you can peruse my wares. I sell potions in this town, and they're darn good potions, too!"

-Yeccki's Inventory-

Name & Cost
Healing Potion (heal 35) 35 gp

Healing Flask (heal 25) 25 gp

Awakening Potion (resurrect, 10% heal) 300 gp

Flame Potion (dmg 35) 30 gp

Velocity Potion (haste 20%) 70 gp

Dawdling Potion (slow 25%) 80 gp


Zapka Zapka says, "Don't listen to anything my brother Pipka over there says. He sells armour, not weapons! What does he know? I know more about either weapons or armour than he does. So, what are you interested in buying?"

-Zapka's Inventory-

Name & Cost
Steel shortsword (dmg 14) 750 gp
Cardboard wand (dmg 6) 750 gp


Pipka Pipka says, "Don't listen to anything my brother Zapka over there says. He sells weapons, not armour! What does he know? I know more about either armour or weapons than he does. So, what are you interested in buying?"

-Pipka's Inventory-

Name & Cost
Steel chain tunic (def 14) 750 gp
Trainee's robe (def 6) 750 gp


Siddande says, "Zixo, I don't care what anyone says. The lost city in the desert is a myth. It's made up! Nobody's ever seen it or been there... or seen it... that I've heard of. Anyway, who would build a city in the desert?" Siddande looks at you. "You're clearly not from around here. You must know something about the lost city. Tell this dolt that I'm right
Zixo says, "Siddande, you aren't listening to me! The lost city is real, I tell you. Why, that adventurer in the inn has been looking for it for ages. Surely he wouldn't go traipsing around the desert for a myth!" Zixo turns to you. "You look like a knowledgable adventurer. You must know one way or another!"
Kijandri stares at the tranquil pool in front of her. She finally notices you, and turns a pleasant smile your way. "Ah, you must be the adventurer I've been hearing about. Seeking the lost city, as I understand it."

> Say, "So it seems. What do you know about the lost city?"

"Not much is known about the lost city, but I'll tell you what I do know. And this isn't myth or rumor; this is fact. The lost city was built at an oasis in the desert, a place of water and trees. But it grew too large, and eventually became abandoned. Years later, a wizard took up residence there, and his evil experiments raised the late citizens into an undead army that he wanted to use for rebellion. The king's wizards came to suppress the rebel wizard, and during the furious battle between them, they conjured a tremendous sandstorm which suffocated everyone involved. It buried the city, and covered all tracks to the place. This was long ago, of course, when the desert was much smaller. After that, nobody cared much about the city. It was lost to history, and as the desert grew over time -- I don't know why it did that -- eventually, memory of how to reach the city was also lost."

>"How do you know all this?"

Kijandri says, "Ah, the old hermit, Potraddo. He was once a historian and -- some say -- a powerful wizard. But he went mad some time ago. I used to take long walks through the forest, and ran into him a few times. He told me some stories, during his saner periods. That was one of them. I don't know where he lives now, though. No one's seen him in years." She shakes her head. "Nobody else believes the stories, though, but I checked. I went to the king's castle, far to the south, and looked in the ancient royal records. The details were sketchier than Potraddo's, but they confirmed it. This was a while ago, though. The journey is too dangerous to make, now, and no one else is really interested in trying."


Hathiet says, "I can't believe how unsafe it is to go outside the town these days! The forest used to be such a peaceful, calm place. Bearogs, lupes, gelerts... they were all peaceful when I was a lad. Even as recently as a few weeks ago! But now they're aggressive and hostile. It's so frustrating to be unable to go fishing on the lake without giant jetsams trying to eat your boat."
Ariala says, "Our daughter almost never leaves her bedroom any more. I'm afraid she's going to become a shut-in if she can't go exploring in the forest any more. She used to love it so, and now she's confined to the town. I mean, we all are, really, but it's especially hard on a young girl like her."
Folsi's eyes brighten at the news. "Wow! The forest will be safe again soon? I can't wait! I hope you have fun on your adventure, too!" She grins and looks out the window in anticipation.
Bin-po says, "Ah, there's nothing like a relaxing drink. Sure takes your mind off all the crazy myths and stories you hear around these parts. It's enough to drive a man mad!"

> Say, "What myths and stories?"

"Well, I spend a lot of my time reading and researching... and I always come across strange stories that you'd never believe, if they weren't written down. Even then I don't always believe them. Like this story of a lost city in the desert. It's spoken of by several reputable authors, but there's never enough details to pin down where it is, or what it was. Truly frustrating."

-------------------------------------- After Visiting Phorofor
-------------------------------------- Bin-po says,"Indeed, the lost city exists? I must seek out this hermit you speak of! I've got a million questions to ask him..."


Nikalo says, "You surely have many questions about our town. I will try to answer what I can."

> Say, "Can you tell me about the town?"

"The town is small and peaceful. The angry creatures of the forest have not come here so far, and with our continued vigilance, they will not. Our citizens are worried, of course, and we would all like to know what's going on."

> Say, "Do you know where I can find the old hermit?"

The hermit?" He glances at the other elders, who look worried. "The hermit... he lives near here. To the northwest, in fact, not far outside of town. You'll have to wend your way through some fairly dense underbrush to reach him... and he may not be particularly hospitable if you do. He's gone quite mad, you see."

> Say, "What can you tell me about the surrounding area?"

"The Eye of Meridell is an ancient formation. The first people to find this area found it calm and peaceful, isolated from the troubles of the world by the ring of mountains surrounding it. They settled here on the edge of the beautiful lake. Back then, the desert to the southeast was much smaller than it is now. Most of it was plains and grassland. But over time, the desert crept ever northward, eventually reaching its current limit. Creatures still live there, though, and in contrast to the animals of the plains, which were peaceable until recently, the desert's inhabitants were always aggressive."


Potraddo says, "Well, hello there! I don't get many visitors out here... ah, in fact, I don't think I've ever had any visitors out here. Oh well! That's what I get for living in the woods by myself, eh?"

> Say, "Tell me about the lost city."

Potraddo's eyes narrow when he hears your request. "So, you want to know about the lost city of Phorofor, eh? Well, that's a story not many are eager to know the truth of. Have you spoken to Kijandri about me?"

> Say, "Yes, I did."

Potraddo nods. "Indeed, she is a wise girl, wiser than the so-called 'Council of Elders' here in Lakeside. They think I'm mad, simply because I shun the company of most people. In truth, I have always felt more comfortable with nature than with people. Nature never makes demands of you; it simply exists, on its own terms. But you are interested in learning about Phorofor... so I will tell you what you need to know."

> Say, "Go on."

"I will trust you with this information because you seem to me to be strong of spirit, and noble of purpose. I trust that you will not make malicious use of the information I am about to give you. Phorofor now harbors legions of undead, who continually rise and rise again from the souls of the departed. It is a very dangerous place and I would not travel there... but I believe you must do so, because all the bridges leading to the eastern part of the continent have been destroyed, and within the city lies the only way to travel to the east."

> Say, "Why do I need to travel to the east?"

"A shadow has come over this land, as you are no doubt aware. Beasts have become hostile, monsters have arisen... but the cause of this has not been widely known. The king's advisor, Ramtor, has overthrown him and taken power. I suspect, though I cannot prove, that he has cast powerful, evil spells upon the land, in order to keep everyone occupied -- they cannot return their king to power while they must continually fight off angry monsters. This is a heavy burden, but I think that it must be you who travels to the royal castle and confronts Ramtor. But to do that, you must first pass through Phorofor. There is an Orb of Travel within the city, that will take you to the east. I do not know precisely where it will deposit you, however, but be prepared for any danger. But entering the city is not as easy as it sounds."

> Say, "How do I enter the city?"

"The entrance to the city is blocked, but it can be opened by means of a magical passphrase." He pauses for a moment. "The phrase is, 'ad ro un ta en.' Speak this phrase to the city's guardian, and you will be granted entrance." He stops, and sighs. "That is all I can tell you for now. You must do the rest yourself. My thoughts will be with you, though. Take care in the wilds."


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Lost city of Phorofor
 *Talk to the Withered Ghost to open the gates
The withered ghost looks at you balefully. "This is a place of danger, and of death. None who enter shall leave. And none shall enter who do not know the key."

> Say, "What key?"

"The key is long lost. Only those who are trustworthy may learn it. Seek those who are wise, in the Eye of Meridell beyond the north of the desert."

> Say, "I know the key -- 'Ad ro un ta en.'"

"So you wish to enter. So be it." The ghost fades away, and the huge sandstone blocks before you fade away into nothingness. The path into the city lies open.


A forlorn guard looks at you and says, "Yes? What do you want? Not all the undead 'round here are bloodthirsty fiends. I've still got a job to do."

> Say, "What happened to the city?"

"Oh, well, you know, battle between wizards, tremendous sandstorm... that same old story. But I never left my post, no sir, and I've been standing here for..." His eyes glaze over as he thinks. "Near on six hundred years now. But I ain't never left my post in all that time, no sir." He looks at you. "Now if you'll move along, I've got to focus on my guarding. Can't let your guard down in here, no sir."


The undead merchant says, "I can't believe it! Someone who's not undead! You wouldn't believe how cheap undead people are. Every person in this city is a boring old undead fiend... and most of them are bloodthirsty, to boot."

> Say, "Who are you?"

"Oh, my apologies, I should introduce myself. I am... er... that is... my name is..." The undead merchant scratches his head. "Now that's funny. After all this time, I can't seem to remember my name. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you've been undead for hundreds of years. At least I fared better than most of the people in this city."

You say, "What happened to the city?"

The undead merchant says, "Well, ages past, it was right next to an oasis, which I guess has dried up. The city became abandoned, then, having no source for water. I lived and died here before that ever happened, though. Imagine my surprise when I found myself awaking, then, and clawing my way out of my grave! It seems an evil wizard had resurrected all the corpses in the city for his own nefarious deeds. I wasn't interested in fighting in his army, though, so I hid away. When the king's wizards came to destroy him, it was an awful battle... but I stayed hidden, so I survived. So to speak. I've just been biding my time here, ever since. I'm not really even much of a merchant, any more. I don't have anything much to sell except for healing potions... and the rarity of potion reagents in the middle of the desert keeps my prices high, not to mention my insatiable undead greed." He shakes his head. "Imagine what my father would say if he could see me now. An undead potion merchant! How bizarre, eh?"

The undead merchant says, "All I've got is healing potions, and they're pretty expensive. Not that I have much use for gold out here, but I'm not about to give up my mercantilist principles just because I live alone in abandoned ruins in the middle of a desert, no sir!"

-Undead Merchant's Inventory-

Name & Cost
Healing Potion (heal 35) 70 gp
Healing Flask (heal 25) 50 gp
Awakening Potion (resurrect, 10% heal) 400 gp


Sand Grundo says nothing! (health130)

You won the fight!
You found 61 gold pieces!
You found 1 scored wand!
You gain 300 neopoints!

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Village of Seaside
*Talk to Uthare the potions trader then Uthyni, his brother to get DISCOUNTS
Uthare says, "Yar! Ye be lookin' fer a brace o' potions, matey? Well then I be yer man! I be havin' the greatest lot o' potions this side o' the ocean! There's nary a landlubber who'd turn me down, let alone any honest seafarin' folk, matey."

> Say, "Tell me about this town."

"Avast, this be a lovely place ta live, if I do say so myself. Plenty o' fresh sea air, more sticks than you kin shake a fish at, and neighbors who'll leave ye ta yer business, if ye be catchin' me drift. Although, lately, there be many strange folk passin' through the area. Probably something ta do with the troubles down 'round the castle way. Arrr."

You say, "What troubles?"

Uthare says, "Ay, well, there's the rub. Ye probably should be talkin' ta Delkon, just ta the south, in his house. He be knowin' more about that than me, I wager. Yar."

- Uthare's inventory -
Healing Bottle (heal 50) 45 gp

Healing Potion (heal 35) 35 gp

Awakening Potion (resurrect, 10% heal) 200 gp

Burst Potion (dmg 50) 40 gp

Flame Potion (dmg 35) 30 gp

Acceleration Potion (haste 25%) 90 gp

Velocity Potion (haste 20%) 70 gp

Deceleration Potion (slow 15%) 90 gp

Dawdling Potion (slow 25%) 80 gp

Enlea says, "I've been very worried, I been, with all the trouble comin' out the castle down south. I do hope someone can straighten it all out."
Delkon says, "Yar! Welcome to our little town o' Seaside, where ye can find the freshest fish on this side o' Meridell. I be a fisherman, meself, though mostly I fish fer the relaxation aspect. Ahoy, ye scurvy dog."
Patannis says, "Yar! I do be the local arms and armour merchant, if that be what ye're lookin' for. Everything I be makin' is extra-strong. It has to be, to survive the salty sea air that would make normal armour rust."

- Patannis's inventory -

Name & Cost
forged shortsword (dmg 20) 1,100 gp

balsawood wand (dmg 8) 1,100 gp

iron ringmail (def 20) 1,100 gp

apprentice's robe (def 8) 1,100 gp


Berig says, "Ahoy! Ye be a scurvy scalawag if I've ever seen one. What be ye wantin'? A night in me quaint, rustic bed and breakfast? The fee be 125 pieces o' gold... I know it be soundin' high, but there been at least a twenty-two percent drop in tourism in recent weeks. Avast."

> Say, "What can you tell me about this town?"

"Yar, well, this be the tranquil seaside hamlet of Seaside. Our main imports be grain and iron; our main exports be fish and wood. We be the third most populous town in Meridell, although we be havin' the lowest average family size. Would ye like to know more?"

> Say, "Uh... sure."

"Avast, I can tell by the look in yer eyes that ye just be humorin' me. Well, not everyone can be as interested in statistics as I be. Well, shove off, ye scurvy... whatever ye are! Or rather... Arrr!" Berig makes vaguely threatening gestures at you

> Say, "What do you know about the troubles at the castle?"

"Yar, ye talked to Delkon yet? He be knowin' the most about them things. Though they be affectin' us all. Why, before the troubles began, Seaside had the second lowest crime rate of any town in Meridell, but now we be hovering somewhere around number three or four." He pauses. "Arrr."

> Say, "I'd like to rent a room for the night." (Cost: 125 gp)

"Aye, well, ye kin take the room on the right, as that be the guest room. Yar."
You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.


Gallar says, "Yar! Avast! Ahoy! Ye scurvy dog! Landlubber!" He pauses in thought, and adds, "Ye beardless pile of krawk droppings!" He nods, satisfied, and goes back to fishing.
Uthyni says, "Yar, what do ye want? I be fishin' here!"

> Say, "What can you tell me about this town?"

"Ahoy, ye be wantin' to know about the town? Then go talk to Berig... his house be just to the west. He be fascinated by numbers and statistics, although I do be findin' that very unbecoming of piratical folk. Yar."

> Say, "What do you know about the troubles at the castle?"

"Avast, ye be wantin' ta talk to Delkon if ye haven't already. I know little compared to he. Although..."

> Say, "Yes?"

"Arr, well, ye see, I heard a rumor, but Delkon wouldn't believe it. The rumor said that the usurper, Ramtor, was going to..." He looks around surreptitiously, as if afraid that someone will overhear. "Yar. It says that Ramtor was going to ban the sale of fish! Yar! Can ye believe it? How can we be makin' a livin' if he be banning our main export?"

> Say, "I'm sorry to hear that. I'll see what I can do about him."

"Avast, be that true? Arrr! I be cheerin' ye on in yer adventure, then. Ahoy, tell that scurvy brother of mine, Uthare, that ye be havin' me personal recommendation. He'll be givin' ya a discount at his shop fer that. Yar."

> Slowly edge away from Uthyni.

Uthyni shakes his head sadly as you move away. He doesn't seem to notice. "Yar, what the world be comin' to these days..."


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Meridell castle
get free rest from entrance palace guards after defeating Ramtor I

You are attacked by Ramtor, the Advisor! (health 200)


Ramtor says, "So, I have a challenger for the throne, eh? Others have fallen before me. Let's see how you fare!"

                   ------------------------After halving Ramtor's Hitpoints----------------------
Ramtor grunts as he is struck, his eyes burning with hatred. "So, it seems you are more formidable opponents than I thought! Well, I think I shall take my leave now, for I must have time to prepare for our next encounter. Farewell, foolish enemy, but not for the last time: when we next meet, I shall destroy you!" Ramtor takes a step back, waves his hand, and there is a blinding flash of light accompanied by a thunderous sound. When your vision clears, Ramtor is gone. All around you, the other people in the castle seem to be blinking with astonishment, as if they've woken from a long dream.

Captain Jologa says, "So you are the one who freed us from Ramtor's clutches, eh? Well, no time for chit-chat. You'd better set about finding the king, while I get the castle back in order for his return."

> Say, "Where is the king now?"

"Ramtor had him taken to an old tower that overlooks the sea to the west. It's at the tip of the peninsula, beyond the Treacherous Forest, on the Plain of Retreat. I don't know if that's where Ramtor will have gone now that he's vanished, but it seems likely."

Countess Haren smiles as you approach. "Oh, you are so heroic! And we are all so grateful for your heroic deeds. That dreadful Ramtor had cast a spell upon us to make us obedient. Thankfully he didn't ask much of us lordly folk; I suppose he had nefarious plans to attend to."

Count Sadath runs his hand through his hair and releases a pent-up sigh of relief. "Well, I can't say I've ever been happier to see a commoner," he says. "I don't know what you did to get rid of that dreadful villain Ramtor, but I'm certainly thankful. We all are, I'm sure."

You say, "What happened here?"

Count Sadath says, "Well, a few weeks ago, Ramtor somehow got the castle guards to take the king prisoner. I suppose he had already cast a spell upon the guards to make them do his bidding. Anyway, I don't know where they took the king. After the king was gone and Ramtor announced that he was now king, we all started to feel unnaturally frightened. Frightened, and... well... sleepy. I suppose it was another spell of Ramtor's, but it seems to have been dispelled by Ramtor's disappearance."

You say, "Where is Ramtor now?"

Count Sadath says, "I'm afraid I don't know. I can't imagine he'll have gone far, if he'll try to take the throne again as I suspect. He may have fled to the west, an area which has long been uninhabited... mostly. It would be easy for him to go about his business there, without much notice."

Lady Adrile stands, looking out a window to the south. She turns to glance at you, and says, "It is such a beautiful view, is it not? And to think that all these weeks I've been unable to enjoy it, locked in the embrace of Ramtor's spell as I was. It was a truly horrifying experience. I thank you gladly for freeing us." She turns back to the window, smiling broadly.

guards at entrance

Guard Thyet rubs his eyes. "Oh, I can't believe it! You've defeated Ramtor! Or at least, gotten him away from the castle. I guess his spell was broken when he fled. I hope you can truly defeat him, once and for all, though. At any rate, if you wish, you are welcome to use any of the castle's empty bedrooms to rest for the night. No fee, of course."

> Say, "I'd like to rest for the night." (Cost: free)

Guard Paniga smiles at you warmly. "Oh, thank you for releasing us from Ramtor's clutches! I don't know how I ever thought I supported him. I suppose it was some spell he had cast upon us."

Guards outside Ramtor's Chambers

Guard Cault bows deeply as you approach. "I thank you, as I'm sure will all others here, for disposing of that awful advisor. We're freed from his control, at last!"

> Say, "I don't think he's quite disposed of yet. He disappeared."

"Is that so? Well, I suspect he's run off to some hidden fortress or other lair of evil. Despotic villains always do!"

Guard Zanale smiles at you, and shakes your hand. "Oh, I heartily thank you for releasing us all from the grip of that confounded wizard. He made us do such awful things... even take the true king prisoner!"

> Say, "Where is the king now?"

Guard Zanale says, "I'm not sure. I remember pretty clearly, he had us take the king to a wagon outside the castle gate, but other guards took over at that point. I can't say for certain where, though. Captain Jologa might know, if you can find him."

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Ramtor's Tower
skip basement 2, it's redundant

King Skarl looks up as you approach his cell. He eyes you warily. "Are you another of Ramtor's enthralled servants? What do you want?"

>You say, "No, I am here to free you."

King Skarl leaps to his feet. His eyes glint. "Indeed? Then you will need to defeat Ramtor, for he alone has the keys to my cell. He is on the uppermost level of this tower, unless I miss my guess. I wish there were any other advice or information I could give you about him... but he is a powerful wizard. You will need all your strength to defeat him. Good luck."


You are attacked by Ramtor, the Advisor! (health 200)

Ramtor says, "You won't be so lucky this time!"

You won the fight!

You found 21 gold pieces!
You found 3 Healing Bottles!
You found 1 gallant ringmail!
You found 1 corrugated wand!
You gain 500 neopoints!

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