Chapter 1 Meridell

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  1. Before proceeding, please die once under the hands of the plains lupe to get this avatar:

    Something Has Happened!
    You are now eligible to use 'Neoquest II - Weakling' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  2. Hunt around Trestin to level up before you set off (See Meridell map). At around Level 4-5 head up the Western Plains to Dark Cave. Alternatively, you can avoid Dark caves all together & head straight to Town of White River.

  3. (Optional) In the dark caves, find the Abandoned mines and defeat a mini boss, Miner Foreman to get level up & a rusty armour. There are two routes in the mines you can use to find the miner but on the map, only the shortest route is shown. The orb behind the miner brings you out to outside Dark Caves.

  4. In White River Town, you should stock up & rest before hunting. Hunt around and inside underground cave to level up first. When Rohane's health is in the red, return to the town and rest in the inn. This is cheaper than using healing vials and you'll save on some gold pieces.

  5. If you are already overleveled and don't need all these, head straight for Foothill forest>Mountain Path>Underground Cave>Mysterious Tower. However, I recommend you rest in the inn inside White River Town because if Rohane dies while hunting, you will end up in Trestin and have to travel all the way eastwards again! (See Meridell Map)

  6. Defeat Zombom hiding in level 4 of Mysterious Tower.

  7. Now, the bridge leading to the south of White River Town is lowered. Use the teleport Orb to bring you outside Mysterious Tower.

  8. Head to Town of White River and stock up before crossing the bridge as you will get 20% discounts there for defeating Zombom. Across the bridge, you might want to stock up on new items. Find Mipsy, the 1st companion of Rohane across the river, in the building on the left.

  9. Leave the town and find your way east from the White River floodplains>Plain of Twilight>Flooded forest>Plain of Storms. (See Meridell Map) **monsters in groups of 3 may start to appear.

  10. Move southwest from the plains to the Eye of Meridell where Town of Lakeside is.

  11. Rest when necessary & Stock up in the town as potions are more costly in the Lost City of Phorofor.

  12. You MUST talk to the hermit, Potraddo living in the maze (see lakeside map). Say, "How do I enter the city?" to get the keyword to open the gates to Lost City of Phorofor. You do not have to copy the keyword as Rohane will automatically do it. It is optional to talk to the other characters. If you need to do leveling up, the best areas are outside the towns or even better, around places providing free rest (you save some gold from buying heal potions) or in and out monster-free zones like the Southern Cliffs.

  13. At Phorofor, talk to the withered ghost to open the gates. Travel southeast, defeat the Sand Grundo & teleport out.

  14. You end up in the Tower on a Hill Level 2 across the river.

  15. Travel down the Tower on a Hill and exit to Dead Hills.

  16. Travel northeast up the Great eastern plains following the Stone mountains till you see a break. (see Meridell map)

  17. Head southeast, still on Great eastern plains to Seaside Village. (Read the village map for tips and discounts on items)

  18. Out of Seaside Village, head southwest to Meridell's Castle in the King's Preserve. (Use the Meridell Castle map to find your way to Ramtor I)

  19. Fight Ramtor, Chapter 1's big Boss & he will flee when his hitpoints are halved. Talk to the guard at the top of the entrance of the castle to get free rest. You may like to hunt outside the monster-free zone outside Meridell Castle (free rest) to level up.

  20. Next, head west past the Tailwall to do battle with Ramtor II inside Ramtor's Tower. You do not need to go to basement 2 to talk to King Skarl even though the skelly jailer there seems to give out better experience points. Go ahead & find Ramtor.

  21. Defeat him. End of Chapter 1, Meridell.


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