From molten stuff to shiny gem...
The Crystal Molder says:'Don't disturb a genius at work.'
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This gem is very rare, it has a lot of colors, and a star might just come to aid you. It could be anything...
Does it really have bubbles in it? I can't see it! What if I hold in the light... What a dark gem... When you hold it in the light, an evil thing will come to aid you.
Darkness Gem
Cost: 7000 PP
Bubbling Gem
Cost: 5000 PP
Rainbow Gem
Cost: 20000 PP
This is the only gem that summons multiple creatures. It will summon 2 elementals, of fire and water!
This gems light is so shiny... It calls for a ghost, which can corrupt someons soul! Scary!!!
Spirit Gem
Cost: 12500 PP
Water/Fire Gem
Cost: 10000 PP
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