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Well, maybe you hate school, but your pets love it. It costs you 1000 PP and 3 days. In this 3 days you will lose your pet, but after the 3 days your pet will be stronger, and perhaps even look different. He will lose it's color, but he will know some new skills.
Fire Lizard and Razor Master
If you choose your Scamander to be a Fire Lizard, he gets the fire element. He can breath fire and his spikes get VERY HOT.
Scamander Razor master still has no element, but he has claws! His toe nails, his claws, his teeth, and his spikes get very sharp. His tail also gets a spike on it.
Water Commander and Priest
Pussyfish Water Commander is insolid. You could actually stick your hand inside! He can sometimes get fish to help him, or summon them in fight.
If a Pussyfish get trained to priest, he loses most of his strength, but he gains magical skills. He can heal himself or his allies.
Magician and Bomber
The Magician is weak in attacks, but stronger then a priest. His spells are strong, but not defensive.
If a Thunderbulb reaches the class of Bomber, a lot of his heads lose their power to move and attack. Only the biggest head gets very strong and can throw the other head to let them explode.
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