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NEOPIA+BASE TO THE RESCUE! Feel free to cruise around the NEOPIA+BASE to find information about Neopets.  This page was orignally designed so that you could easily find your way through different links that may include tips on how to make money, links of where you can get free money, free items, or so on, a page for secret avatars, and much more.  If you're interested, feel free to join my guild "Free Paintbrushes & Other Expensive Items" in short FPBOEI.  Benefits are listed below. Also, if you are a newbie to this guild, or would like to know some of the facts on how to obtain a newbie pack, there is a link on the side that will direct you to the proper page.  I hope you enjoy your visit to the NEOPIA+BASE!
Coltzan Shrine
Fruit Machine
Giant Omelette
Giant Jelly
Healing Springs
Rubbish Dump
Wheel of Mediocrity
Wheel of Monotony
Wheel of Excitement
Wheel of Misfortune
Hidden Tower
Igloo Garage Sale
Faerie Crossword Puzzle
Illusen's Glade
Jhudora's Cloud
Snow Faerie's Quest
The BRAIN Tree
Mystery Island Kitchen
01. receive newbie pack
02. receive gift on your birthday
03. free access to the guild shop
04. winner a week contest and many more
05. member of the month
06. item of the year award
07. friendly environment
08. active members
09. helpful advice

If you have any questions or concern, neomail me a
joualovesue. Thank you.
Hey everyone! I'm glad to say that we'be reached our limit of 100k! Therefore, as I promised, we'll have a party!!! Yeah! For more information, go to the Newbie Pack page. There'll be a
NEW link there for DONATIONS. Click on it, and it will have some updates on the party.
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