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6 am - 7 am NST
2 pm - 3 pm NST
10 pm - 11 pm NST

Here is a list of cheeses and their prices:

purple spotted 900np
tyrannian dung 1650np
spicy juppie 150np
alkenore cheese 1200np
triple mustard 450np
brain 1050np
bubbling blueberry 1500np
mutated 1350np
big beefy 750np
honey 600np
quadruple fudge 1800np

Helpful Links

Cooking Pot Recipes

Battledome Guide

Cliffhanger Solutions


Shop Wizard

There are actually only 8 neighbourhoods in Neopia, that the shop wizard checks. There is the neighbourhood with all user names starting with AIQY, BJRZ, CKS, DLT, EMU. FNV, GOW, and HPX. So keep refreshing the page until your neighbourhood that your user name starts with comes up and then pick the price according to the wizard. Typically the BJRZ wizard page is cheapest and the FNV is the most expensive.


To better your chances of finding good things on the floor and having good things happen to you you need to keep your pet's luck high. Luck is a hidden stat that goes up and down a lot like hunger. Pets who are well fed, played with and groomed are lucky. Keep your pet fed to full or above, buy them a new toy and play with them with it until they complain all the other pets have more toys then them daily, and groom them until they want to play a game. Donate to the money tree either items or money daily. Never take things from the money tree (if there is a giveaway make sure you play with the item after). There are also 2 games that increase your luck; Dice-a-roo - on the green and yellow dice there is a side that says a mystic wind blows by that increases luck and on the Wheel of Excitement is a space that says that the mystic wind blows too.

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