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The Staff
Owner - .::NeO::.
Co-Owner - Jesus Freak
Head Admin - Diamond Slayer
Head GM - Black-Sword
Levels Admin/LAT Chief - Yoda
LAT Captain - Geoff
LAT - Goodman
NAT Chief - The Ice Man
GP Chief - Vocah
Asst. GP Chief - Megamanga
GP Captain - Ezekiel
GP Captain - Nitro
GP - Bartony
GP - Unknown Mage
FAQ Chief - Xavier
Events Admin - Los Diablos
To Apply - Send an E-Mail to [email protected], With the subject as Application. In the E-Mail send your levels/npcs (3+). And the position your hoping for. GP Applications are closed. FAQ and Events Team are only picked by the Chief themself.
Remember to work hard for your promotion and follow the rules.

ęCopyright by GoldenShl, 2001-2003

I just made the new layout for my server! I hope you like it!
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