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Player Rules- Do not ask to be staff, If you do you will be immeditly jailed for 24 Hours. Hacking,Cheating, is an immedit ban. Spamming is not aloud, violaters will be jailed.
Staff Rules.- Do not hit any player with your tag on. You may hit a player with your tag off and with no staff weapons on. You should use your player account with no staff items for pking. Do Not abuse your staff weapons, or some weapons may be taken away and you might be suspened. Any of these rules being broken could lead to being fired. 3 Warnings is all you will get. If a player asks to be staff jail them and send them the Url of the Rules ( ) . If you have a proplem with a staff report them to NeO asap.
Admin Rules- You are able to fire/warn people. Once your warn/fire them report the ones you warned/fired to NeO asap. If you have problems with an Admin same rank as you report them to NeO also. Follow the staff rules too.
GP Rules- If you ceach a hacker, Ban them and report them to NeO asap.
GM Rules- GMs can warn LATS,NATs. If you do report it to NeO asap.
LAT Rules- Obey Your Chief,GMS and follow staff rules.
NAT Rules- Obey Your Chief/GMS and follow staff rules.
Events Team Rules- Obey Your Chief and hold events often. If you have an event send it to NeO.
If you have a good rule that would be helpful in NeOn send it to NeO. You'll Be rewarded.

ęCopyright by GoldenShl, 2001-2003

I just made the new layout for my server! I hope you like it!
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