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Free Java Scripts

Onload Pop Up
A onload window pop up event with size adjustment options to create the perfect pop up on entering page
Moving Window
It lets a window move, bouncing against the sides of the screen.
Scrolling Status Bar Script
Have your own message scroll across the status bar.
Remote Control Script
This scripts opens up a new window which acts like a remote control enabling you to navigate the site.
Unload Pop Up
A simple script allowing a pop up window with size specifications you determine.
Reload Script
This link, when clicked on, will reload the browser window.
Popunder Power
This powerful little script opens a "smart" pop-under window that that can remember if your site's visitor has already seen it once. It's resizeable, and you can even specify random URL's to pop under, with or without toolbars, menu, etc. Get paid by your advertisers without annoying your visitors!
Bust Out of Frames
This script helps your page automatically break out of someone else's frames should it be trapped. Your visitors will thank you for it!
Keep in Frames Script
Use this script to ensure the visitor is viewing your page inside the intended frame setup!
Windows Earthquake
Makes the window shake around for a few seconds.
Opens a new browser with the specified width, height and windows features (e.g. toolbar, menu bar, scrollbar and location bar). Useful wrapper script over the window.open() method.
Thank You For Viewing
This script has a message that says: Thanks for looking at my page.
It lets an image fall from the top of your screen and float down. you can change the image ,speed, and number of pictures falling.


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