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ASP Quick Lessons - Table of Contents
Core Ideas
What is ASP? Obtaining The Software
AspInstall listserver
Simple ASP Page, Server Scripting
MS Online Documentation
Response: Basics
Response: Buffers, Redirect
Response: Redirection
Response: Quotes & Special Characters
Response: Encoding URLs, HTML
Include: Basics
Include: Dynamic FileName
Includes: Other Sites, Dynamic FileNames
Include/Redirects: New Win2k Commands
Include: Books Sample Exercise
More Book Sample Exercises
Format: Numbers #1
Format: Numbers #2
Format: Dates #1
Date/Time on ASP Pages by Tony Arguelles
Loops: Timeouts #2
Loops: Intercepting Timeouts #3
Server Variables: Popular Ones
Server Variables: Domain/Host Name
Server Variables: Displaying All
Random Content/Rotating Info
Browscap: Basics
Browscap: Intricate Details
Determine Data Types by Charles Carroll
Listserver for Browser Problems
State Management
State Management Introduction
What are ASP Sessions?
Application Data
Application Data: Worlds Fastest ListBox
XML, Database Caches - Fast Retrieval
Say No To Databases w/Sessions or Application scope
Session Overview & Myths
Sessions: Global.asa and Scalability
Sessions: Global.asa Events
Global.asa, Sessions, Custom Stats Resources
State Methods: Pros and Cons
Pass Data w/Hidden Fields
Pass Data w/Cookies
Pass Data w/Session Vars
Pass Data w/ID tied to database
[aspStateManagement] Listserver
Forms: Introduction
Forms: Text Box
Forms: Text Area
Forms: Check Box
Forms: Radio Buttons
Forms: List Box
Forms: CASE syntax #1
Forms: CASE syntax #2
Forms: IF syntax #1
Forms: IF syntax #2
Forms: IF syntax #3
Forms: IF syntax #4
Forms: For Each Iteration
Form - Submit To Self'
Form - Change Action on Fly
Displaying Table w/Simple Code
List Box Displayed Generically
Database to ListBox Online Resources
DSNLess Connections
DSN Setup #1 by Rob Martinson
DSN Setup #2 by Rob Martinson
DSN Setup #3 by Rob Martinson
DSN Setup #4 by Rob Martinson
DSN Setup #5 by Rob Martinson
DSN Setup #6 by Rob Martinson
Full Cycle #1 Show/Edit/Update
Full Cycle #2 Show/Edit/Update
Full Cycle #3 Show/Edit/Update
SQL Mistakes Everyone Makes
DB: Table Displayed Generically
Getstring to display database table
Getrows to display database table
GetRows w/no Numbers
Disconnected Recordsets, Display Table
DB: More ways To Display Tables
DB: Generic DB by Eli Robillard
Generic DB Listserver
DB: Converting a DB to a Comma-Delimited file
DB: Deleting a Record w/SQL
DB: Access Scalability
Access Tips: Passwords, RecordCount
ADO: Paging Records
ADO: Limiting Number of Records
ADO: Count Records in Query
ADO: Cursor Types by Phil Paxton
ADO: Input Form
ADO: Input Form, added w/SQL
ADO: Input Form, Added w/ADO .addnew
ADO: Tables within Databases
ADO: Schemas to access table lists
ADO: Schemas to access All Data
ADO: Show Table,1 param
ADO: Update/edit Record
DB: Troubleshooting Part 1
DB: Troubleshooting Part 2
SQL Basics, Searching Databases
SQL Troubles
SQL: Example Tables
SQL: Where Clause Basics
SQL: Where Clause Examples
SQL: Search Forms #1
SQL: Search Forms #2
SQL: Search Forms #3
SQL: Search AND/OR Operators
SQL: Search AND/OR Examples
SQL Joins by Aaron Alexander
RSFAST: Lightning Fast Database Library
RSFast: Library Introduction
RSFast: Templates for any look Fast
RSFast: Templates, MS-Access
RSFast: RSFast: Performance Data
RSFast: Table Display Fast
RSFast: Table Display Fast + Caching
RSFast: Listbox Display Fast
RSFast: Listbox Display Fast + Caching
RSFast: Debug Info helps troubleshoot
RsFast: Library Source Code
RSFast: Jscript version by Sterling Bates
RSFast: caching Method Explained
RSFast: Error Messages/Customization
RSFast: Commands
RSFast: New Features for Future Versions
Editors Used With ASP
ASPExpress: HOT ASP Editor
Visual Interdev + Admunsen Resources
Visual Interdev Listserver
Homesite: HTML editor
DreamWeaver: HTML and Script Editor
Essential Commercial Components
ASPDB: Displaying Data
ASPDB: Editing, Adding Data
BrowserHawk: Determing Browser Type
AOL detection w/BrowserHawk
MS-Wallet w/BrowserHawk
Reverse DNS lookups w/BrowserHawk
BrowserHawk - Frame support
Flash Detection w/BrowserHawk
ServerObject Mail: Simple Example
ServerObject: Mailing Form w/ASPMail
3rd Party Mail, CDO/CDONTS Listserver
SA: File Upload, Simple Example
SA: File Upload, Multi-part form
SA: File Upload, Limit Size
SA: File Upload, Many Files
Upload/Soft-Artisans Listserver
Perf Counters on ASP page
Authentication & Security
Authenticate: Overview by Kevin Flick
Authenticate: Comparison by Kevin Flick
Authenticate: NT Challenge/Response by Kevin Flick
Authenticate: Basic Authentication by Kevin Flick
Authenticate: Cookies by Kevin Flick
Authenticate: Certificates by Kevin Flick
Authenticate: Build Your Own by Kevin Flick
Authenticate: Protect Pages via Login #1
Authenticate: Protect Pages via Login #2
Authenticate: 3rd Party by Kevin Flick
Authentix Flicks Support Listserver
Troubleshooting, Error Trapping
Errors: Basics
Errors: More Ways To Trap
Errors: Resources Online
Errors: Trapping EVERY Error
Debug variables Easy Way
Errors: DB Error Information Trapping
DBFAQ: Operation must use Updatable Query
DBFAQ: User Entered ' in field
DBFAQ: LIKE operator * not working
DBFAQ: retrieving MEMO/BLOBs generates error
DBFAQ: Syntax Error in SQL Statement
SQL Debugging Made Easy
Errors: Trapping Open Connections
Troubleshoot: Getting Help from Lists!
Troubleshoot: Worldwide
Troubleshoot: Specialized
Troubleshoot: Version of ASP Sofware
Troubleshoot: Registered Components
Troubleshoot: DB Drivers by Christophe Wille
PWS: Personal Web Server Introduction
Code w/all ASP Features. Quality, Re-usable Code
Strings: Core Functions
Strings: SPLIT Function
Strings: REPLACE Function
Strings: JOIN Function
Arrays: Basics
Arrays: Variable Size
Arrays: Best Way To Load
Arrays: Resources Online
Dictionary Objects
Subroutine: Working with Dates #1
Subroutine: Working with Dates #2
Subroutine: Query2Table
Subroutine: Query2List
Subroutine: Highly Reusable
Subroutines w/Dictionary Objects
Getrows Ultimate!
Subroutine: List Box w/optional params
Subroutine: Abstract HTML by Phil Paxton
Function: Working Days
New Features in VBScript version5
Text Files: Reading Them off Server
Text Files: Writing Them on Server
Text Files: Meyers-Briggs parsing #1
Text Files: Meyers-Briggs parsing #2
Text Files: Meyers-Briggs parsing #3
XML/XLST Myers-Briggs example
Content Linker: Prev/Next Page
Content Linker: Table of Contents
Content Linker: Listbox of contents
Content Linker Library
File Objects: Read Directory
File Objects: Display Directory as Links/Graphics
File Objects: Read Disk Drive by Steven Harper
Graphic Size Detector
High Speed Code, Scalable Code...
Time Tasks with Millisecond Accuracy
Speed: Coding Tips
Why Buffer?
Why GetRows or Getstring to get Data
Speed: Server Optimization
Speed/Optimize Resources
Speed: [aspfastcode] listserver
Speed: Database Percieved Speed
Database Retrieval Speed
OLEDB & ODBC Drivers differences
IsClientConnected & Stray Tasks
Scale: Virtues of Nothing
Scale: Connection Pooling
Thread Basics: What is a Thread?
Thread Safety Issues
Round-Robin Code Execution
ASP Scalability Listserver
ASP Components Building
C++/ATL: Component Building
Java ASP Components Building
VB: Simple Component
VB: Registering Component
VB: DLL overwrite problems
VB: ADO, Run It!
VB: ADO, Build It!
VB: Warnings/Guidelines
VB: General Building Guidelines
VB: Installation Requirements
VB: Threading Models
MTS - Microsoft Transaction Server
MTS: Overview
MTS: Essentials
MTS: Transactional ASP pages
MTS: Book
MTS: Book
MTS: Registering Components
Advice For Better Coding!
Database in Session or App. Say NO!
advice: Cache No More by Phil Paxton
advice:Option Explicit
advice: Encode with Redirects
advice: Write Your SQL
advice: Named constants for ADO are better
advice: Clean Up Your Room, I mean Objects
advice: Server.MapPath is Good
advice: Just Say No to Session COM objects
advice: Don't Read COM Properties Twice
advice: Secure Code and Data
advice: Encaspulate Code!
advice: CASE reads better than IF
advice: Error Trapping Strategies
advice: Error Trapping Secrets
advice: You Should...
Appendix A: Overview of ASP Objects
ASP Objects: Built In
ASP Objects: Created when Needed
Appendix B: Related Web/Com Technologies
Index Server via ADO
Commerce and ASP
Server JavaScript: Resources
Validation Resources
Listboxes: Linked Dynamically w/JavaScript
Dynamic ListBox Online Examples
Listboxes: Linked Dynamically from Database w/JavaScript
Listboxes: Easy Choices by Bill Wilkinson
Server Perlscript: Resources
Remote Scripting Simple Example
Remote Scripting Listbox
Remote Scripting Microsoft Example
[aspRemoteScript] list
RDS: Remote Data Services Intro
RDS Resources by Carl Prothman
ADSI: Active Directory Services Interface Intro
MSMQ: Overview
Usability: Resources
Usability: Safe Color Pallete
Appendix C: Oracle and ASP
Oracle: I can't connect
Oracle: Getting Help from Listserver
Oracle: Calling Stored Procs
Oracle: OLEDB Resource(Session) Pooling
Oracle: Recordsets from Stored Procedures using REF CURSORs
Oracle: Returning Recordsets via ADO
Oracle: Know any good books?
Appendix D: ASP Books & Online Resources
Must Buy Component Building Book
ASP101.com Scripts for your site
4GuysFromRolla.com Tons of ASP Material
ASPToday.com from WROX
Appendix E: Frequently Asked Questions
Commerce: certificates, https://
Commerce: online charging
Commerce: components, shopping carts
Jscript: closing DB Connections
Jscript: online references
Jscript: display databases
VB: Recommended books
Subject Index
Active Data Objects (ADO)
Browser Detection
Dropdown List Boxes
Alphabetical Index


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