CAT- Pickering Campus
Animal Science And Technology
Proctor- Mr. Stephen Fecik
Course Description- Students choosing this class will learn:
General Animal Husbandry- Caring for different animal
Terms related to Animal Science- Most of the words you'll need for a career in animal scienc
Anatomy and Physiology - What is inside the animals and how the parts wor
Genetics - Crosses of certain traits and the possibility it will turn out in a certain wa
Good Work Ethic - Ways to obtain greater output and better ability to work with other
Daily Quiz - These are short quizzes to keep information fresh in your min
S.O.P.'s (Standard Operating Procedures) - A way to prove you know how to perform a skil
Students who should take this course- Students who are willing to work hard to reach their goals
If you are considering taking Animal Science and Technology, there are many career opportunities out there for you in this field.
If you would like to see tips for this class, I have planty to share.
There are Pictures and descriptions of the Classroom, Animal Room, Greenhouses, and Yard/Woods available here for you to look at and examine for yourself.
There are some pictures and information about some of our students and Mr. Fecik to give you a better idea of our work/school environment, along with the general attitude of our class when we're not doing work.
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