Tips for Students Taking Animal Science
Don't think you're going to be just sitting there, talking about animals, petting puppies, and holding kittens. This is probably the toughest shop in CAT-Pickering and there will be a LOT of hard work here.
You can expect to get dirty, there is a good chance you will be scratched and bitten by some of the animals, which range in size from mice to dogs and many other animals between (although the dogs haven't bitten anyone in quite some time.)
If by some chance you DO get hurt, this is a good shop to be in, because most of the equipment and supplies you could ever use are here, and Mr. Fecik knows how to use them.
Do your work. It's easy to want a break, but when you are caring for lives you can't sit around doing nothing. Mr. Fecik will not tolerate slacking, and he expects his students to be the best of the best.
If you are one of his students, you will have a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of respect from people. Animal science students are well known for their abilities,     grades, and willingness to volunteer to help out around the school.
Be proud of the responsibilities given to you, because you wouldn't be given the tasks if people did not think you could handle them.
Your reputation for being the best was passed down to you by the students before you, but you have to keep it up. The opportunities go to those who apply themselves and show themselves to be a cut above the rest, and Mr. Fecik expects nothing less.
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