Mr. Stephen Fecik
Mr. Fecik knows what he's doing.  He runs a landscaping business, built his own cabin in a matter of days, knows more than most of us can even imagine, and has probably forgotten more than many of us will ever know (unless we were to become a veterinarian but even then I'm not so sure he wouldn't be better at any of our jobs than we could ever be.)
He expects a lot because he knows his students can handle the work. He expects you to expect more so that you know you can do even more if you put your mind to it.
He can't draw (trust me, this will become obvious quickly, and in a big way)
He can't spell some words (same as with the drawing)
What he can't do with drawings he can explain until even a rat could draw what he's saying.
He likes to mix fun with learning. The antics in his class could range from laughing at a drawing or spelling to good-natured jokes to games (energizers) to walks to just about anything.
Once it's time to learn, it's time to learn. Mr. Fecik says 'To some extent, we all have to be schitzophrenic.' Now, don't ask him to spell schitzophrenic, but quite simply he means that it's all well and good to have some fun, but you have to get your work done, too.
As long as you get your work done and let others get their work done, he's usually ok about people 'resting' for a few minutes or having conversations. It's when the conversations take all period and no work gets done or when people are talking at a time he says work needs to be getting done that he gets annoyed.
Trust me, you don't want to annoy Mr. Fecik. It could quite possibly be a mistake you will regret for a long time. (not that he'd do anything to you, just give the class a lot of 'busy work' to make you realize how little you do in comparison the rest of the time.)
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