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Codex Aegis Dragon's
This is the non official codex for the Space Marines of Avalon....you will find the history and everything else here.

This is just some of my assorted mini's

Morbid's Minis
Link to my Mini Page site dedicated to strictly hosting my pics.

Chaos Fantasy
This is a link to pics of my Chaos Fantasy Army of Slaanesh.

The name says itself.  Links to other 40K sites other than Marine chapters.

WIP Minatures
A link to my Works in progress.

This Page is Just a display page for my Tau Army.
Welcome to Avalon, home of the Aegis Dragon's.  This site is mainly  about my Celtic Themed Coven Based Space Marine Chapter for the Game, Warhammer 40K.   Also in with in the halls of Avalon, you will find links to some of my favorite 40K webpages,  and some news and rummors that i think are worth posting.  Follow the links to get to the different areas of the site.   Thanks for visiting.....Enjoy.
Many of the Elements of this site were inspired by the mythology and lore of Celtic History.  The portrayal or discussion of certain concepts pertaining to the celtic Mythology or legends on this site are not meant to provide an accurate description of actual Mythology or Legends in Celtic History.

This page is not an official production of Games Workshop Ltd.  Warhammer 40,000 is a registered trademark of Games Workshop Ltd.  All Games Workshop words and phrases are used without permission.  No challenge is intended to the status of these or any other trademarks of Games Workshop Ltd.
Thanks to all who visist this site.  One day i hope to actualy have most of these digits filled.
Email me:     [email protected]
The Rune of Protection that i use for my army symbol(both the white one and the green one) was done by Cyrithicus.  Thanks for the image. 
Updates to the Site:

    Been a while since an addition.  Been busy trying to fix things on my computer, and of course painting models and what not.  Today i added a new page with my Chaos Fantasy army of slaanesh. 

    Added a Tau Page to display my Tau Force.

   Added a new page(WIP Minatures), and added some pics.  Will probably add a TAU page later, just with some basic info/pics of my Tau Minor sept Drak'an.  Also added some info a few weeks ago, just forgot to add the update.

  Sorry for the lack of updates.  I haven't been able to access this page for a while.....but now have accress.  The site will be going through some major changes...mainly i have finallized my chapter....and will be redoing all the information on the site.   I will be doing major changes and updates..so bear with me.   Every page has been updated and changed.  Thanks for sticking with me, Morbid


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